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CPS Thargoid Memo


Due to an increasing escalation of hostilities between the thargoids and humanity the Canonn Protection Services will shift its focus to protecting our scientists from thargoid attack. This is a defensive role. As of this stardate the thargoids have only shown hostility toward the Federation and Aegis. Their interactions with our pilots have, to this point, been a mixture of inquisitive and dismissive. This could mean our scientists are not at risk but every CPS member should stay at a heightened state of alert in areas of high thargoid activity. Their weapons and their disabling pulse are formidable to say the least, until technology is developed to counter or mitigate these threats there is a strong chance a single ship, perhaps even a wing, will be in grave peril from even one thargoid ship.

Our primary goal right now is to protect our researchers and the Gnosis from any hostile thargoids. Once again, this is a defensive role, though conflict between thargoids and humans may be inevitable we are not here to instigate it. However, lethal force is authorized when defending Canonn assets and personnel. Before any of you get too trigger happy remember that until the engineers and scientists have had a chance to develop anti-thargoid weaponry most skirmishes with the thargoids will be overwhelming one sided.

See you in the black Commander,

Bungalo signing off.


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