Dr Arcanonn – A Christmas Message

Dr Arcanonn – A Christmas Message


Members of Canonn, allies, civilian support staff and assorted hangers on,

I have been tasked by the Canonn Council to bring you a Christmas message in the the spirit of the ancient earth tradition. I have promised faithfully not to give any personal opinions on the observance of such an antiquated load of nonsense, and it falls to me to convey to you our warmest wishes and gratitude.

So… Merry Christmas to you all on behalf of the Council, including its newest member Factabulous . An interesting chap, seems to be an excellent addition. Despite the rumours I’m sure the sudden instances of Council members underwear going missing are an unfortunate coincidence and nothing more.

There is much work to do but I am pleased to announce you can all have the next 48hrs as leave to do with as you wish – up to and including some form of intoxication.

Please take this in the spirit it is intended and I would request that we do not have a repeat of last year… under no circumstances is it appropriate to bring a goat onto to the Gnosis flight deck, regardless of its chosen outfit.

Merry Christmas and all the best,

Dr. Arcanonn and the Canonn Council

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