Scriveners Community Goal

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Scriveners Community Goal


After their overt attempts to coerce the Scriveners Clan into to giving up their Knowledge Core by force, the Orion University are now appealing for the Galactic community to supply them random useless data as if they were trading baubles with savages. In return, they claim that they wish to accompany the Scriveners on their journey and share in future discoveries.

Given that the Dredger is in dangerous condition, it is unclear how this journey is to be safely commenced, when the University have made no offer or attempt to supply the clan with the materials they need to make repairs.

It seems clear that this community goal on the part of the University is simply a ruse to divert support from the community goal that would supply the Scriveners Clan with the materials they need to escape from under the yoke of the University.

Canonn members are urged to gather emergency power cells, power converters and power transfer buses and deliver them to the Alliance of HIP 42371 at Oramus Terminal so that the Scriveners Clan is able to bypass the University’s locks on their drive and free themselves from their oppressors.

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