So you want to get Allied with the Canonn Minor Faction?

So you want to get Allied with the Canonn Minor Faction?


Testing has shown, that you need 8-11 Million CR in

  • Exploration Data
  • Trade or Mining-Profits

at a Station controlled by the Independent Minor Faction

  • or 8-11 Million in bounties issued by the Independent Minor Faction

to gain reputation to go from neutral to allied. Reputation needs sometimes a bit to update – re-log if necessary.

  • Current Centre of activities of the CANONN minor faction for the upcoming weeks is the system of CHACOBOG (187 ly from Sol, 330 ly from the Pleiades, and 472 ly from Exphiay).
  • CHACOBOG has a large pad starport TRINH ENTERPRISE with all services, including shipyard, and a surface station FINNEY HOLDINGS without commodity market or shipyard, but mission board, outfitting and other services.
  • Both stations are controlled by the CANONN as is the system.
  • Both stations are close to each other, but 2000 ls from entry point.
How-to: Exploration data
  • cash in your exploration data via Universal Cartographics as usual at any station in CHACOBOG
  • 8-11 million CR translates to ~200 jumps in the most used way of exploring (Honk&Jump + scanning shiny earth-likes, ammonia worlds and waterworlds)
  • a good way is to pick up a longrange passenger mission of ~4000 ly one way – upon return and after selling your data, you’ll most probably be allied
  • if you return with significant larger amounts of exploration data and want to help, please join the CANONN discord and ask in the #faction_chat channel for more places to sell data, as it is a great tool to gain influence for the minor faction.
How-to: Mining
  • as selling mined ore is pure profit, mining is good way to gain reputation with a minor faction fast
  • next door to CHACOBOG is a pristine metallic ring in HIP 114099 (8.61 ly), 4 th body, inner ring
  • 8-11 Mio profit translate to 4-5 mining runs in a typical mining python, going for palladium, platinum and painite mainly
  • if you don’t mind taking it a bit longer, and you want to combine mining with science, and you are already signed up on the CANONN website, you can also help with prospecting metal rich rings for the materials they yield:
How-to: Trade
  • 7,32 ly from CHACOBOG is the CANONN-controlled extraction-economy large-pad station PINTO HUB in AKNANGO.
  • Import Gold, Silver and Palladium from PINTO HUB in AKNANGO to TRINH ENTERPRISE in CHACOBOG for good profit. Export Personal Weapons, Mineral Extractors and Liquor.
  • this translates to 20-25 a-b-a trade runs in a t7, 10-15 runs in a trade conda or t9, and 8-10 a-b-a runs in a trading cutter to get allied.
How-To: Bounty Hunting
  • CHACOBOG has a HIGH RES very close to the station – less than a minute flight time!
  • You can hunt without Kill Warrant Scanner, every wanted ship is wanted in CANONN jurisdiction and will give you CANONN bounties.
  • DO NOT redeem FEDERATION BOUNTIES or any other factions bounties in Chacobog. It won’t help your reputation, and it is hurting the CANONN minor factions influence.
  • Only redeem CANONN bounties as shown below:


  • if you can’t stand high res, there are also two COMPROMISED NAV BEACONS in CANONN jurisdiction, in LUMARAGRO and in Col 285 Sector KS-T D3-124 – again no KWS needed. Get your bounties and cash them in in CHACOBOG.
  • please redeem all other bounties later via the interstellar factor in a low security system, for exampel at the large pad station in 11 cephei, 31 ly from CHACOBOG.
  • check mission detailed description for medium or high reputation effect
  • both stations in CHACOBOG have a mission board, and as they are close to each other you can stack a lot of missions easily flying from one to the other
  • in this region of space you need a ship with outpost access to have many mission available
  • stack state depending data-delivery missions, even as they have a low reputation effect, as many go to the same systems or even the same station
  • check the passenger lounge. bulk-passenger missions don’t pay very well, but have a good reputation and influence effect. The surface port FINNEY HOLDINGS in CHACOBOG sells class 6 economy class cabins.
  • most trade-fetch missions can be supplied from HIP 114099 (next door, Extraction commodities), Baga and Xibe (~50 ly, Agricultural commodities), or the Canonn Institute in Col 285 Sector IX-T d3-43 (~60 ly, High Tech Commodities)

… now you are allied … so … if you like CANONNs region of space, or need a place for your biscuits box at night, join the discord channel #chat_faction and check #mission_faction for what help is needed the very day. The minor faction isn’t the focus of the CANONN, and usually everyone heads off if some shiny USS-type is believed to be found some hundred lightyears away, but with our scientific approved method of “whatever works” and “if something doesn’t work as expected, extend testing” we’ll bring science to the people.

Commander goemon & gyokuro

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