So you want to get Allied with the Canonn Minor Faction?

So you want to get Allied with the Canonn Minor Faction?


There are several ways to increase your CMDR’s reputation to allied. All numbers tested 2020, FC Update:

  • Handing in Exploration data at a station controlled by the Canonn. You need 8-11 Million in Exploration Data to go from neutral to Allied in one go.
  • Trading with profit at a station controlled by Canonn. Reputation gain from trade is capped at 2 Million profit per docking, increasing your reputation 15% – that means you need 7 trade runs with at least 2 Million Profit to go from neutral to allied.
  • Redeeming Canonn Bounty Vouchers. It doesn’t matter where you redeem them. Reputation gain per redeem is capped at 225K, increasing your reputation 15% – so you need 7 redeems of at least 225K to go from neutral to allied.
  • Running Missions for the Canonn. Any mission board in a system Canonn is present in should have some.
  • Finishing scenarios for the Canonn as winning conflict zones, defending megaships, or answering Canonn distress call USS.

Reputation needs sometimes a bit to update – re-log if necessary.

While increasing your reputation doesn’t necessarily help Canonn Minor faction, all of the above can be put to good help, if you are a member of Canonn and ask, where any of it is needed in Canonn’s discord, channel #chat_minor_faction.


Canonn Minor Faction is present in over 80 systems (June 2021). Center of that space is around system of Arine – 170 ly from Sol, 330 ly from the Pleiades, and 460 ly from Exphiay. We refer to it as Canonn space.

How-to: Exploration data
  • Cash in your exploration data via Universal Cartographics as usual at any station controlled by Canonn.
  • If you return with larger amounts of exploration data and want to help, please join the CANONN discord and ask in the #chat_minor_faction channel for more places to sell data, as it is a great tool to gain influence for the minor faction.
How-to: Trading
  • Canonn controls a couple of L-Pad extraction economy orbital stations, for example Aknango, Nones, Njoere, Suhte.
  • Buy metals and minerals and sell them at one of the combined high-tech and refinery economies in Yi Trica or Bactrimpox.
  • Bring back high-tech consumer goods and technology. In that way you will increase your reputation at both ends.
How-to: Mining
  • Canonn Space has a couple of pristine metallic rings.
  • As selling mined goods is pure profit, don’t be picky. In many states as few as 12 tons of Osmium are already 2 Million profit.
  • Fly from sell station to sell station and trade in your metals for reputation. Only sell as much as you need to hit 2 Million each visit.
How-To: Bounty Hunting
  • Please only redeem Canonn Bounty Vouchers in Canonn space at a stations authority contact or a fleet carrier’s redemption office. Redeem all other only via Interstellar factor.
  • Canonn has a map with bounty hunting locations: Resource Extraction Sites and Compromised Nav Beacons
  • If you prefer playing bounty hunting scenarios around megaships, #chat_minor_faction has routes of all megaships crossing Canonn systems pinned.

… but as you need only 225K redeems for each maximum reputation gain, you can as well do USS bounty hunting:

  • drop into a larger population Canonn system, and resolve USS in the FSS, or scan the Nav Beacon.
  • go to all all Weapon Fire detected USS.
  • go redeeming whenever you hit 225K or more bounties to redeem for Canonn as can be seen in your transaction tab.
  • if a system is in civil unrest or even lockdown, there are also Pirate Threat Activity USS around.
  • Canonn’s discord #mission_minor_faction channel has also a list pinned of systems, which give massacre-missions to Canonn systems.
  • Canonn systems in any state are more likely to have missions. Luckily Canonn minor faction is most of the time (roughly 3 weeks a month) in expansion, which applies to all systems.
  • Check mission detailed description for higher reputation effect.
  • In Canonn space you need a ship with outpost access to have many mission available.

… now you are allied … so … if you like CANONN’s region of space, or need a place for your biscuit box at night, join the discord channel #chat_minor_faction and check #mission_minor_faction for what help is needed the very day. The minor faction isn’t the focus of the CANONN, and usually everyone heads off if some shiny POI is believed to be found some hundred lightyears away, but with our scientific approved method of “whatever works” and “if something doesn’t work as expected, extend testing” we’ll bring science to the people.

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