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Members of Canonn! Do not sell your exploration data!

How many of you are familiar with the squadron leaderboards? If not take a look at your right-hand panel, click squadrons, and check out the leaderboards. Did you know if your squadron places first (or second or third) you get a holographic trophy for your dashboard?

Canonn Interstellar Research is a squadron that fosters a friendly and engaging atmosphere for those who seek to unlock the mysteries of the stars. We are a family of explorers, researchers, and scientists of all kinds and I wanted to do something for that family. If we work together, I believe we can get first place in the exploration leaderboard for next season! The current season seems far-fetched (Explorers Nation currently sits in first with 26 billion. Intergalactic Astronomical Union took first last season with 19 billion), but if we start saving our data now and throughout the season, we can take it!

What can you do to support this goal?

  • Join the in-game squadron (CANO). At least before you sell your exploration data, make sure you are part of the in-game squadron (application submitted and accepted). If you’re a Canonn member but a member of another in-game squadron, if you could temporarily join Canonn’s in-game squadron we can all work together to get the trophy! Once you unlock it, it’s yours to keep!
  • Hold on to your exploration data! This season ends on the 17th September. Anything you can sell in the new season will support this goal. Seasons are around 60 days once they start.
  • Go exploring! Have you been wanting to visit the brain trees? Maybe visit Colonia of Sag A* for the first time? Why not now??
  • Don’t know where to explore, why not try the Road 2 Riches. Pick up your favorite ship, get that DSS installed, and away you go!
  • Install the Canonn plug-in for EDMC. It’ll tell you about cool places to visit nearby, just get out of the bubble first.
  • If you have a Fleet Carrier, coordinate a trip out into the void to give your fellow members a safe haven and a spot to sell their data!

A trip to Sag A* should net you 150 million pretty easily. If we can get 50 (about 15% of the current in-game squadron) Canonniers join this effort to get a trophy and you did a round trip to Sag A* we’d have 15 billion! In order to support this goal, I’ve been holding on my exploration data for over a year and am estimating I have 10 billion, bringing out total to 25 billion! Imagine how much more we could get together!

I hope you consider coming together to support this goal, I’ll see you out in the black! Godspeed o7

CMDR SovereignWinter

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