A Study on the Brain Trees

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A Study on the Brain Trees

Codex, Research Notes

The data in this study has been found to to out of date for the current game

A further Brain Tree study by our very own CMDR Maligno

It is well known in the community that Brain Trees [1] can grow material nodes that come in four varieties: Cordycep Growth, Polyporous Growth, Mussidaen Seed Pod, and Phloem Excretions. The purpose of this study is to get a qualitative understanding of the number of total material nodes of each type in a Brain Tree site as well as the materials that they yield [2].

For the purposes of this study material nodes were harvested at Brain Tree sites BT0192, BT0193, BT0189, and BT0194 [3]

It’s clear that each site generates between 40 and 50 material nodes, with Phloem Excretion and Cordycep Growth being the least and most abundant, respectively. There is a loose “20-15-10-5” pattern in the number of nodes.  Additionally, the following observations were made regarding the materials given by each type of node:

Cordycep Growth:    Grade 1 only
Polyporous Growth:  Grade 2-3 (e.g. Arsenic)
Mussidaen Seed Pod: Grade 3-4 
Phloem Excretion:   Grade 5 only (e.g. Polonium)

The big takeaway here is that Phloem Excretions are guaranteed to yield Grade 5 material.  This means that a commander willing to fly out to a Brain Tree site can harvest significant quantities the Grade 5 material that appears on that celestial body in a shorter time than hunting for Mesosiderites.  This is especially true of celestial bodies that host multiple Brain Trees sites (i.e. splash craters).  Brain Trees provide a viable alternative to gathering materials in a manner that mitigates the randomness associated with conventional prospecting.

It should noted that it takes between 30 to 40 minutes to harvest all of the material nodes in a Brain Tree site.  However, if one is only after Phloem Excretions then the harvesting time is only a few minutes.  One limiting factor is that, once harvested, Brain Tree sites take at least 2 weeks to regrow material nodes.  This document will be updated in the future with better respawn time estimates.

During the harvesting of the Brain Tree sites a number of additional observations were made:

  1. Sites vary in size and number of Brain Trees, but typically they occupy an area of around 1 square kilometer.
  2. Sometimes more than one material node type will appear on a single tree.
  3. Material nodes appear on the SRV wavescanner as a high-band signal very similar to a ship’s.A future study will be carried out in order to determine differences in the high-band signal depending on material node type.
  4. Arsenic was only observed to come from Mussidaen Seed Pods, so it’s effective harvesting rate is probably not that much different than from Mesosiderites.

Jumponium Materials

For those looking to stock up on “Jumponium”, the following Brain Tree sites are a good source of materials for the Level 3 FSD Injection:

Brain Tree Sites with Polonium
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Brain Tree Sites with Yttrium
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Brain Tree Sites with Arsenic
Dist Meane (ly)
BT106SYNUEFE DZ-X B34-4D 145.1790-134.3400388.21
BT125SYNUEFE US-B C16-54-14.6653106.3722426.79
BT127SYNUEFE US-B C16-5453.3894-10.1255426.79
BT128SYNUEFE US-B C16-5452.1812-16.2724426.79
BT129SYNUEFE US-B C16-5453.2032146.4852426.79
BT104SYNUEFE DP-Z C16-19C 6-25.9627-30.6480429.04
BT69HIP 352452 B-15.4508-127.4753473.23
BT250IC 2602 SECTOR EB-X D1-20A 2 C-17.335538.6929496.57
BT411SWOILZ IX-F C11A 2-9.4846159.4338653.60
BT323SYNUEFE RE-O D7-111 A A-29.4004-124.3776681.02
BT325SYNUEFE RE-O D7-141 F A-5.415-64.157683.27
BT319SYNUEFE RE-O D7-18C 639.386-52.9845711.18
BT254SYNUEFE EC-K D9-18C 4-7.6381134.737711.32
BT311HIP 295923 E-7.2083-118.142723.51
BT227SYNUEFE KD-J B42-52-13.7365152.332727.42
BT294SYNUEFE SV-U B49-5B 2-29.152791.9741735.88
BT295SYNUEFE SV-U B49-5B 2-0.257828.4786735.88
BT296SYNUEFE SV-U B49-5B 224.2206-16.2839735.88
BT297SYNUEFE SV-U B49-5B 2-42.2743136.1496735.88
BT298SYNUEFE SV-U B49-5B 2-46.6122-37.9316735.88
BT299SYNUEFE SV-U B49-5B 2-36.6913-50.697735.88
BT236COL 173 SECTOR QU-O D6-323 E-48.0967-93.0944790.70
BT473SYNUEFE GK-T B22-0 A 3 A-24.789375.2862791.76
BT315SYNUEFE FM-T D4-32AB 2 A-25.01137.89817.28
BT238COL 173 SECTOR QU-O D6-323 A2.2694137.3063819.49
BT35COL 173 SECTOR KY-Q D5-91 A-50.5520-165.8521908.76
BT214COL 173 SECTOR DG-M B24-5A 2 A1.607351.09271028.94
BT217COL 173 SECTOR ZZ-N B23-1B 124.7518145.58951032.55
BT228COL 173 SECTOR YW-H C11-16B 5 A-36.7064-40.15871033.15
BT66HD 854696 A A33.075212.20981047.91
BT223COL 173 SECTOR UT-W B19-4224.522347.44511118.31
BT224COL 173 SECTOR UT-W B19-420.068812.28571118.31
BT225COL 173 SECTOR UT-W B19-4277.7034-42.86191118.31
BT19COL 173 SECTOR HN-J D9-522 A-5.746396.72471129.00
BT24COL 173 SECTOR HN-J D9-521 A-25.5887-108.58241129.00
BT25COL 173 SECTOR HN-J D9-521 A-42.8524-134.18301129.00
BT26COL 173 SECTOR HN-J D9-521 A64.8624-130.95791129.00
BT27COL 173 SECTOR HN-J D9-521 A24.329944.22461129.00
BT28COL 173 SECTOR HN-J D9-521 A14.6168-0.67711129.00
BT9COL 132 SECTOR IN-S D4-645 A10.5512-151.26541174.48
BT465HD 664381 A4.647-143.01681,401.65
BT33COL 173 SECTOR KS-J D9-37A 5 B17.4114-98.82531566.06
BT64FLYUA DRYOAE MF-C D14-695 C5.8204-51.42301609.36
BT48ETA CARINA SECTOR GW-W C1-6A 169.5822-65.68358894.31
BT60ETA CARINA SECTOR PD-S B4-0B 459.3803159.98088917.27
BT51ETA CARINA SECTOR IR-W D1-10A 2 C-25.779992.85998917.88
BT46ETA CARINA SECTOR EL-Y D193 A43.134461.73068953.24
BT47ETA CARINA SECTOR EL-Y D193 A47.5327150.62978953.24
BT72MASS J10444160-59470462 B A7.7559-153.32228954.65
BT92PCYC 275B 3 C-13.6501-40.98028975.96
BT275SKAUDAI CH-B D14-287 A41.5847-120.355111,937.71
BT99PRUA PHOE US-B D86C 3-29.4270-43.729012016.20
BT283PRAI HYPOO QC-C D201 C A-4.6478117.97612,366.84
BT286PRAI HYPOO SX-B D23AB 2 A38.49511.921512,371.87
BT328BLAA HYPAI CZ-D C13-08 B-20.7723-152.505912,473.16
BT331BLAA HYPAI DZ-D C13-1B 6 A5.6927-169.760912,490.42
BT422NGC 3199 SECTOR MC-V C2-3B 2 A-53.106858.348514,954.81
BT423NGC 3199 SECTOR MC-V C2-3B 2 A36.136539.688714,954.81
BT424NGC 3199 SECTOR MC-V C2-3B 2 A40.087743.3214,954.81
BT401EORL AUWSY OS-B D13-11064 A40.6332132.897921,238.74
BT396EORL AUWSY PS-B D13-53881 A22.18934.084321,272.11
BT395EORL AUWSY PS-B D13-62422 C A51.796269.518121,275.45
BT499EORL AUWSY SY-Z D13-57974 B9.9095-80.203321,284.79
BT483EORL AUWSY SY-Z D13-37431 B A41.745454.611321,294.78
BT484EORL AUWSY SY-Z D13-37431 B A-17.7217-91.298321,294.78
BT485EORL AUWSY SY-Z D13-37431 B A64.84-51.950921,294.78
BT478EORL AUWSY SY-Z D13-50183 D A58.988785.390821,300.17
BT381EORL AUWSY QD-A D14-51364-8.232492.106921,301.21
BT383EORL AUWSY QD-A D14-31692 A-42.8469156.15721,302.27
BT380EORL AUWSY SY-Z D13-967143.793162.018321,304.76
BT377EORL AUWSY SY-Z D13-35561 B47.0512171.946121,306.17
BT507EORL AUWSY SY-Z D13-1499A 4 C30.21366.916621,307.95
BT376EORL AUWSY SY-Z D13-20203 C A-7.8066-124.701121,309.04
BT534EORL AUWSY PD-Y C28-546 A-38.5053-23.093221,314.26
BT535EORL AUWSY PD-Y C28-546 A-38.0871-36.245721,314.26
BT399EORL AUWSY KN-Y C28-94 A-26.2623-137.462821,315.36
BT496EORL AUWSY SY-Z D13-2352A 1 A42.8627-163.406321,327.36

Summary and Outlook

Brain Trees were perhaps brought about by The Guardians as a resource gathering mechanism. The galactic community should take full advantage of Brain Trees because they provide a viable, if not superior, alternative to conventional prospecting activities.  Further studies will be carried out to get a more accurate understanding of material node abundances and yields.


[1] CMDR Starbeaver, “Guardians Trees (Brain Trees)”

[2] “Materials”, Elite Dangerous Wiki, http://elite-dangerous.wikia.com/wiki/Materials

[3] Canonn Brain Tree Data Sheet, https://goo.gl/suqz7A

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