Banner-class Hauler

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Banner-class Hauler

The Banner-class Hauler is a class of Bulk Cargo Ship.

The class consists of a command module on the front, with a cargo pod behind it, followed by a drive module. All four Cargo Bays sit on the cargo pod module as well as four Turrets. A fifth Turret sits on the drive module.

Its default cargo of around 400 tons is Industrial Materials, Metals, Minerals, and Technology.

The Ship Log Uplink is generally mounted on top of the cargo pod, at the rear.

A Banner-class Hauler with call-sign KAM-312 can be found for reference at the following waypoints: Kamandu, Potilo, Njoere, HIP 16646, Njoere, Bhumato.

  • Number of Turrets: 5
  • Cargo Bays: 4
  • Total Cargo: ~400t
  • Default Cargo: Industrial Materials (Insulating Membrane, Micro-Weave Cooling Hoses, Neofabric Insulation, Semiconductors, Superconductors), Metals (Aluminium, Beryllium, Cobalt, Copper, Gallium, Gold, Lithium, Palladium, Platinum, Silver, Tantalum, Thallium, Titanium, Uranium), Minerals (Bertrandite, Coltan, Gallite, Rutile), Technology (Aquaponic Systems, Auto-Fabricators, Bioreducing Lichen, Computer Components, Micro Controllers, Resonating Separators, Robotics)
  • Rare Commodity Sub-Types: Chemicals, Consumer Items, Machinery

(Revision CMDR goemon, 26th of April 2022)

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