Generation Ship: Venusian

Generation Ship: Venusian

Venusian is an abandoned Generation Ship that can be found in the Kitae system, 2,532 Ls away from the Main star, in the direction of the Zephyrus system.

The location is revealed by the Listening Post in the LP 855-10 system, orbiting body 1.

Listening Post

…Transponder Signal VEN-393-A Detected…

Matching Signal Detected. Kitae. Time Stamp Predates Parameters.

…Venus…gas nebula…Kitae…fleet…modified…Blood red…By the time…we…fierce at first…the best…there was nothing…Zephyrus…initiate…talking…any day.

…Signal Lost…


A series of four Ship Log Uplink points can be located along the hull. Deploy your ship’s hardpoints and use the onboard Data Link Scanner within 200m of each post to scan them and retrieve the logs. In addition to the text, each log is accompanied by an audio recording:

Security Log: Generation Ship Venusian

This is Officer Gant. I know I haven’t made many of these logs – haven’t needed to – but recent events mean I have to open a record. The Venusian has been travelling for months now without incident, other than the usual canteen disputes and a couple of bar fights. Recently though, sensors have picked up a number of heat signals, though no sign of any actual ships… that is, until today.

Two small ships of unknown designation were briefly caught on sensors until they initiated supercruise and disappeared. We don’t know where they’ve come from or where they’ve gone, and attempts to hail them were met with silence. The XO, Deacon, thinks it’s nothing to worry about but I’ve got to admit, I’m nervous. Anyway, we’re keeping an eye out and the comms team are on high alert. Maybe it’s nothing.

Security Log: Generation Ship Venusian

They came out of a gas nebula, a pirate fleet, all manner of ships and some of them highly modified. Every single one was red though. Blood red. Our auto defences were useless and the raiders breached the hull with mining lasers. By the time they’d got inside I’d managed to rustle up a decent defence force, but we couldn’t stop them spreading through the decks. The fighting was fierce at first and we put up a good resistance, but when the best of our crew were cut down there was nothing the rest of us could do.

All l could do was initiate a rearguard action while we tried to save as many people as we could. Deacon managed to rally some troops and we pushed them back long enough to retreat to aft. Not sure how long we’re gonna last.
Deacon keeps talking about a parlay, but these are pirates on a slave hunt. They won’t stop until we’re all dead or in chains. And frankly I’d take death over slavery any day.

Security Log: Generation Ship Venusian

I’m down to my last dozen men and about the same in cells for my carbine. We’ve got around a hundred civilians relying on us and we’ll fight till the last man to defend them.

Deacon’s disappeared. Either fled or captured I don’t know which. I can only hope he managed to escape somehow and has gone to get help from somewhere. Anywhere.

I know, I’m kidding myself. We’re done for, and it’s just a matter of time before they breach our defences. No matter – I’ll fight till the last. They won’t take me alive.

Security Log: Generation Ship Venusian

Our barricade has been breached. We’re under heavy fire. It won’t be long.

Deacon! Damn him, it was Deacon who did this. He showed the pirates how to breach our defences, gave them access to the maintenance tunnels. They would never have found them without Deacon’s help.

I’m caught in a hail. If I can manage to return fire long enough maybe I can get a bead on Deacon. Just one shot is all I need to take out that son of a…

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