Barnacle Forest

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Barnacle Forest

There are a number of locations where barnacles can be found in large numbers. These are know as barnacle forests. Scanning the body with the full spectrum scanner will show that the body has Thargoid signals. Scanning the body with the surface scanner will allow the individual barnacle sites to show up on the navigation panel. There is nothing on the navigation panel to distinguish between common barnacle sites and the barnacle forests.

The forests come in three different sizes. All have a large central Barnacle with common barnacles radiating out. The smallest has just nine barnacles and the largest has 35. Only the large forests will have Thargoid Scavengers.

Barnacle forests are one of the few remaining locations where it is possible to consistently harvest meta-alloys. The smaller forests are a little easier to navigate and locate the meta-alloy pods and daylight is easier than night.

Thargoid interceptors frequently visit the forests and appear to be harvesting the barnacles, though they do leave the meta-alloy pods behind even when detached. When the interceptor is harvesting, any loose material will be pulled upwards including any SRVs that happen to be close by.  Once the harvest is complete the debris will fall back to the ground.

SystemBodySite IndexDistanceSizeRotational Period
Hyades Sector AQ-Y d81C 23131,865 ls354.3d
HIP 2246033211 ls985d
Pleiades Sector LY-Q b5-2A 2652 ls9Day
Pleiades Sector LY-Q b5-2A 3573 ls9Day
Pleiades Sector PN-T b3-0A 5561 ls22Night
Pleiades Sector SP-N b7-0B 2817,782 ls9Day
Outotz ST-I d9-62 a1270 ls2214.9d
Outotz ST-I d9-62 a2270 ls3514.9d
Outotz ST-I d9-62 a3270 ls914.9d

The Barnacle Forests in Outotz ST-I d9-6 2 a, do not seem to have the same planetary conditions as the others and none of the Barnacles nor the Barnacle barbs yield any logs when they are composition scanned.


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