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Spectral Class Distribution of Galactic Phenomena

We are proud to host CMDR Urania Minora’s study of the Spectral Class Distribution of Galactic Phenomena, which aims to bring an understanding of the relationship between the Harvard Stellar Classification of a primary star, and what phenomena may be discovered in a system, as a help to guide exploration efforts. The research paper examines the specifics for phenomena of specific interest to Canonn scientists establishing potential patterns and biases from a detailed analysis of available data from 3.28×10^7 known explored systems

Study of Barnacle Acoustic Features

Introduction Barnacles [1] are among a series of organic formations found on airless celestial bodies that have been discovered in the last decade, the others being so-called Brain Trees [2]…

New Barnacle Forest Found

CMDR Robbie discovers another Barnacle Forest, the second discovered so far. It is located at:

Pleiades Sector PN-T b3-0 – Planet A5

Lat: -4.4946
Long: 145.6557

Barnacle Forest

There are a number of locations where barnacles can be found in large numbers. These are know as barnacle forests. Scanning the body with the full spectrum scanner will show…

UA and Barnacle Firefly Interaction

Unknown Artefacts and Barnacles have small firefly looking whisps of blue/green lights flying around them. What these fireflies actually are, have yet to be discovered and there are many theories about their origin and usefulness. However the link between the two objects to have a common starting point is a most common theory only boosted by the recent discovery of the large Unknown Structures and the confirmed reports of Thargoids.

Barnacle and SRVs

Barnacle Research Notes

Cmdr Locastan contributed this paper regarding Barnacles. Barnacle Research Paper
Unknown Ship and Barnacle

Unknown Ship sightings above Barnacles!

Canonn Faction News bring you emerging news about Unknown Ships appearing above and appearing to interact with Barnacles in a way that shuts down nearby ships and SRVs and seems…
Panpiper Barnacle Pleiades Sect OI-T C3-7

New Outpost in Pleiades discovered

Cmdr Panpiper reports in the Canonn Discord and in the Threadnought of finding a new Merope Expeditionary Fleet planetary outpost named Orcus Crag on Planet A3 of system Pleiades Sector OI-T…

Ripe Barnacles

“Ripe” Barnacles offer up Meta-Alloys for your collection and use, but where are they? This data maintained by Cmdr Netslayer. Error requesting data: cURL error 28: Operation timed out after…


INTRODUCTION Large Barnacles are alien life forms that have been found on certain air-less planets of ambient temperature close to nebulae in the Pleiades, Witch Head and Coalsack nebulae. A…