Bellmarsh-class Reformatory

Bellmarsh-class Reformatory

The Bellmarsh-class is a class of Prison Ship.

The class consists of a very large central seven-engine drive structure, flanked by two detention centers, and topped by a command module that faces perpendicular to the apparent front of the ship. Both detention center modules have one Turret in direction of travel.

The front of the drive structure is protected by an interstellar dust shield. The front of the detention centers have modules similar to those seen on science ships. Two of three Cargo Bays can be found here.

The Ship Log Uplink is generally mounted on the top of the central drive structure, immediately in front of the command module, as well as a third Cargo Bay and a third Turret. Rearwards of the command module is a Hackable Comms Array.

Its default Cargo of around 500 tons is Legal Drugs, Personal Effects, Textiles and Weapons.

A Bellmarsh-class Reformatory with call-sign AKN-903 can be found for reference at the following waypoints: Aknango, Popon, Suhte, HIP 110094, Suhte, HIP 114099.

  • Number of Turrets: 3
  • Hackable Comms Array: 1
  • Cargo Bays: 3
  • Total Cargo: ~500t
  • Default Cargo: Legal Drugs (Narcotics, Tobacco), Salvage (Personal Effects), Textiles (Conductive Fabrics, Leather, Natural Fabrics, Synthetic Fabrics), Weapons (Non-lethal Weapons, Personal Weapons, Reactive Armour)
  • Rare Commodity Sub-Types: Medicines (Honesty Pills)

(Revision CMDR goemon, 30th of April 2022)

Known examples of this class are:

Bellmarsh Class Prison Ship DLV-812 - The Bellmarsh Class Prison Ship designation DLV-812 is expected to be in the following system, based on the last reported flight operations plan: A number of Engineer Materials are scattered nearby, and a number of ships are in the area. A Ship Log Uplink point can be located on the hull. Deploy your ship’s hardpoints...
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