Belu Crashed Ship

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Belu Crashed Ship

This is a crashed Anaconda on Belu B 1 at 7.1537, -40.1309. The location of this crash site is provided by scanning the Settlement Comms Log Uplinks at the Unlisted Wreckage Site on Col 285 Sector EP-C b27-3 A 2.

Note that the co-ordinates given in those logs are incorrectly inverted; also that the body on which the site resides is over 260,000 Ls from the arrival point in the system.

On the ground around the wreck are a number of cargo canisters, mostly Search & Rescue cargo – a selection of the following have been found:

  • Escape Pods
  • Black Box
  • Technical Blueprints
  • Tactical Data
  • Military Intelligence
  • Personal Effects
  • Prototype Tech
  • Assault Plans
  • Wreckage Components

There is a a cargo rack that can be scanned (and shot for low grade raw materials), but that gives no further information. Within the crashed ship itself a Ship Data Core can be scanned for an Intel Package.


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