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Geological Survey 23B

This abandoned settlement on Musca Dark Region PJ-P B6-1 3 in the Coalsack contains audio messages related to an expedition led by Penelope Carver funded by Azimuth Biochemicals and which…

LHS 2429 Crashed Ship

A crashed Type 9 on LHS 2429 1 at -14.17, 131.13 (use the Detailed Surface Scan to reveal it as CRASHED SHIP, though it doesn’t always appear straight after a…

Crowther’s Rest

Crowther’s Rest is an abandoned settlement on Nervir A 2 a. There is a single settlement uplink and common engineering materials can be found around the settlement. The settlement was…

The Church Of The Path

The Church Of The Path is an abandoned settlement on Shibboleth 2 e (use your Detailed Surface Scanner to find it). It has four scannable data links giving text messages…
Thargoid Site

Thargoid Site Survey

This study produces a photographic record of all Thargoid surface structures and an analysis of the structures above the surface. The analysis is used to form the basis of a new way of classifying the sites to facilitate further study of the surface sites.

Herpin Research Base

Herpin Research Base

Herpin Research Base is an abandoned settlement on Wregoe HV-Z b15-0 C 1 at 2.7685, 45.9579. Around the settlement there are four Settlement Comms Log Uplink points, scanning them gives background…
Amphora Plant

Amphora Plant

These are relatively rare organics (see in-game Codex for locations), and they will appear on the Navigation panel as Biological signals. There appears to be only a single classification. They…
Trading Vessel MD-004

Trading Vessel MD-004

This is a crashed Anaconda and temporary outpost found in HIP 83003 on planet 6 a. It has three uplinks, plus a datapoint that give encoded data materials. There are…
Planet Dave Outpost

Planet Dave Outpost

This is a small abandoned settlement found on Col 285 Sector ZT-I b25-0 2 A via three Listening Posts in Col 285 sector jj-f c12-10, Col 285 sector hg-f b27-0…

Crystalline Shards

These structures are created by colonies of micro-organisms and are found in several sectors. including Sanguineous Rim and The Abyss, mostly around the outer edge of the galaxy (see in-game…