Betterton Outpost

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Betterton Outpost

Betterton Outpost is a settlement on HIP 19792 planet C 2 at -24.7065, 6.5560. It can be found via Listening Posts at Pleione 6, HIP 17892 2 A, and HIP 19072 2 identified by code RHV-113-A. It has been attacked by Thargoids.


Superintendent Callahan to System Authority HQ — Site Report 378/8

Things have become complicated over the last few days. I would have submitted a report sooner, but I’ve been trying to quell a widespread panic.

It started last week. Scattered reports of strange sightings. Then a mining ship came in saying it had a ‘close encounter’. I laughed at that…until I reviewed the ship’s security feed.

There’s definitely something out there.

I couldn’t do anything to contain the rumours. I’m not even sure I wanted to. The people in this colony have a right to know. They have a right to be protected. I’ve attached a full report, requesting an investigation. We need assurances that we’re going to be protected from whatever’s out there. I would appreciate it if someone would respond to this request soon.


Superintendent Callahan to System Authority HQ – Site Report 378/7

It’s been three weeks and and you’ve still not responded. Not even a line about there being nothing to worry about. You’ve left me with no other option — I’m authorising the evacuation of the colony.

Believe me, this isn’t a decision I’ve taken lightly, but people are already leaving of their own accord. And with all these encounters that have been happening, I’m not gonna lie – I’m just as spooked as everyone else.

Another couple of days and we’re out of here. I’ve just gotta straighten out a few logistical issues and this place will be cleared. I’m willing to accept the consequences, even if it means my job. Like I say — I’ve been left with little option.


Superintendent Callahan to System Authority HO – Site
Report 378/8

We were too late. No — I was too late. This is my fault.

The facility came under attack before I’d evacuated even half the colonists. Distress signals were sent out on all ,channels, but I’ve got no idea if anyone will receive them. For all we know these things could be blocking our relays. Things? Might as well call them what they are — aliens. They bypassed our sensors and destroyed half the hab-units before we knew what was happening.

I’ve gathered together a group of survivors and we’re going to make a run for the main hangar. If there’s a working ship then we might have a chance. But if anyone at HQ gets this message, we need an immediate military response. And I mean a whole fleet. Whatever these things are, they’re not messing around.


Superintendent Callahan to System Authority HQ — Site Report 378/9

We made it to the hangar. No sign of trouble. Then, wham! An alien ship appears and starts gliding towards us. I froze. I’m not ashamed to admit it. Everyone else did, too. We thought we were done.

But the ship just…floated there, like it was looking at us, thinking about its next move. It let out this sound and then just drifted away.

Who knows why it let us go. I can’t explain it. But this isn’t the time for questions. We’ve got to get out of here. This will be my last report. Just know that you left us to die out here — and I hope that haunts you forever.


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