Carmichael Point

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Carmichael Point

Carmichael Point is an abandoned settlement on HIP 16824 A 2 f at 73.8762, 61.8761.

The location of this facility was given by an Unregistered Comms Beacon at HR 1188 A 2. The comms beacon transmits a message in phonetic alphabet on the hour.

Secure 9 14 18 1 Bait Deployed Contact Confirmed HIP 16824 A 2 F Secure

9 14 18 1 are the letter offsets for INRA

Carmichael Point was operated by the Intergalactic Naval Reserve Arm (INRA), a co-operative between the Federation and Empire that operated during the last war with the Thargoids. This facility appears to have had connections to the project that created the mycoid used against the Thargoids, it was used to lure a Thargoid ship in order to attack it. The attack failed, so happened presumably before the attack made by Commander Jameson.

The facility contains a number of habitation modules, hangar or barracks buildings, and has two large mycoid storage tanks. There are collectable materials scattered around the site.

Within the facility there is a Data Point which may be scanned for an Intel Package, and for Engineer Data. The Data Point also will give you the waypoint for the site in the Navigation Panel.

Around the facility there are four Settlement Comms Log Uplink points, scanning them gives some of the history of the INRA experiments:

Watching The Sky 1/4
…Bypassing security protocols…
…Secure connection established…
…Site records found…

Everything is in place.

If the thargoids take the bait, this facility should come under attack very soon. And when it does, we’ll find out if our new weapons are worth a damn.

It’s taken a lot of time and effort to make this place look like an important military site. I just hope they fall for it. It’s about time we started fighting back.

Watching The Sky 2/4
…Bypassing security protocols…
…Secure connection established…
…Site records found…

Everyone’s on edge. It’s like seeing an approaching storm and waiting for it to break. The air is heavy with the threat of violence.

Maybe they didn’t take the bait? Maybe we hid it too well? Or maybe we didn’t hide it well enough. What if they realise this is a trap?

I suppose it’s too late to worry about that now. All we can do is watch the sky, and wait.

Watching The Sky 3/4
…Bypassing security protocols…
…Secure connection established…
…Site records found…

Contact confirmed! Thargoids 1,000 light seconds from the site and closing. Ready all weapon systems and prepare to fire on my order. We’ve only got one shot at this and I don’t want to miss.

Wait… wait. What is that? That’s not a regular Thargoid ship. It’s huge.

Will someone scan that thing! And tell command we’ve got a mothership here. Get them the data as soon as possible.

All right, all right, that’s close enough. Fire all batteries!

Watching The Sky 4/4
…Bypassing security protocols…
…Secure connection established…
…Site records found…

Test unsuccessful…targets suffered minimal damage…site lost…all operatives…lost…

The INRA base found after Carmichael was Stack.

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