Botanical Research Station FNA-559

Botanical Research Station FNA-559

Botanial Research Station FNA-559 is an abandoned settlement in Col 285 Sector MZ-N c7-13 on planet ab 1. This site was first reported by Commander RollingSaint.

Around the settlement are five Settlement Comms Uplink points. Scanning them will give some clues on the fate of the group of xenobiologists studying alien fauna.


Allergies Are One Thing 1/5

Personal Log:

The discovery of this new flora is going to be a real game changer. Discovering life that can somehow survive all the way out here in the harshest conditions. No sign of water, massive temperature fluctuations and almost no atmosphere. I could only have dreamt of this kind of assignment. As a xenobiologist this is a very exciting time.

We’ve collected samples, catalogues and stored them for return to the corporate labs back home. And that’s all fine, but the real exciting stuff is the work on cross-pollination with other plant life.

The applications are endless. Imagine if we can create crops that can survive in 0 atmosphere, or make them resistant to disease? We could end famine in our lifetime. We could create new foods to further exploration. Terraforming could be made so much quicker if we can create planets (misspelling in log, should be plants) that expel CO2 without requiring oxygen.

I know some out there would see this as playing god, but this is cutting edge science, and I for one am really excited to see what we can do.

Allergies Are One Thing 2/5

Personal Log:

These Plants are incredible. We naively thought that the part we could see was the whole plant, but it is just the tip. Our assumption is that these outer casings sprout up above ground to collect sunlight, while the main plant goes on for hundreds of meters deep underground.

Layland almost choked on his coffee when the ground scan came back. Our little camp is sitting right on top of one of these things, covering at least 3 km.

We’re going to do a little digging and see if we can get a sample of the main plant. This is so exciting.

Allergies Are One Thing 3/5

Personal Log:

The last few days have been really tense after the accident in the lab.

It happened so quick. We were on our way out and McCreedy bumped into one of the specimens, knocking it onto the floor. The casing spit open and released some kind of spores. Everything would have been fine except that the fool had already started taking his suit off and got a face full of the stuff.

Thankfully, there doesn’t seem to be any long-term damage of sign of contagion. But it has triggered some kind of allergic reaction in him. The poor guy puffed up like a blotchy balloon, spewing mucus everywhere. Lucky for him the company doctors were quick and dosed him up.

He spent a few very uncomfortable days in the infirmary, but lived to tell the tale. I guess he won’t be so quick to get out of his suit on his next shift.

Allergies Are One Thing 4/5

Corporate Communications:

Site FNA-559 request immediate evacuation of all remaining expedition members and emergency medical teams on site. Contagion released into habitation from local plant life while under study. Quarantine measures failed. 6 crew dead, 3 infected. All non-infected crew confined to Hab 3.

Bodies have been incinerated as per Article 30, but air supply compromised.

Repeat. Immediate Evacuation and EM Teams requested.

Allergies Are One Thing 5/5

Personal Log:

Layland sent the word to Corporate.

Allergies are one thing, this is something else. The spores… they ate McCreedy from the inside out. They didn’t show up on any of the bio scanners or contamination tests. They must have been in some kind of dormant state. Three days later when he didn’t show up for his shift we knew something was wrong, but by then it was too late.

They had grown out of him. released more sports into the air system. The air was thick with them. It was too late for the team that found him and everyone in Hab 2. They were all exposed without knowing it.

Corporate are sending an evac squad. The ships should be here any day now.

I was so full of excitement and hope when this started, and now I wish I had never set eyes on those things. .They are too dangerous, we need to warn others to stay clear of them.

Listening Posts

The location of this abandoned settlement is revealed by three nearby listening posts:

Col 285 Sector EF-A b16-1

Listening Post Signal Data

…Corporate Data Packet NJC-443-C Detected…

Matches signal detected at listening posts: (col 285 sector ec-u d3-59, col 285 sector lo-p c6-1)

Approximate Signal Range: 54-56 LY

…the ground scan came back…… AB 1 ………….sitting right on top of one of these things…….

…Carrier Signal Lost…

Col 285 Sector EC-U d3-59

Listening Post Signal Data

…Corporate Data Packet NJC-443-A Detected…

Matches signal detected at listening posts: (col 285 sector ef-a b16-1, col 285 sector lo-p c6-1)

Approximate Signal Range: 43-45 LY

…the ground scan came back…… long:26.822231 ………….sitting right on top of one of these things…….

…Signal Lost…

Col 285 Sector LO-P c6-1

Listening Post Signal Data

…Corporate Data Packet NJC-443-B Detected…

Matches signal detected at listening posts: (col 285 sector ec-u d3-56, col 285 sector ef-a b16-1)

Approximate Signal Range: 38-41 LY

…the ground scan came back…… lat:51.087189 ………….sitting right on top of one of these things…….

…Signal Corrupted…

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