Will you take the Canonn Challenge?

Will you take the Canonn Challenge?

Here at Canonn Interstellar we just love to catalog things. We now have a huge catalog of Biology and Notable Stellar Phenomena. You can access our data from the following locations.

Data Type
Canonn API Canonn API documentation
Surface Biology Google Sheets
Lagrange Cloud Google Sheets
Guardian Google Sheets
Thargoid Google Sheets
Dump of codex events from skunkworks database
Dump of fss events from skunkworks database
Dump of signals from skunkworks database

It has come to our attention that not everyone has seen everything we have catalogued. I know bark mounds are fascinating but for some of you that is all you ever see.

So we have created a route from Varati that will let you scan and sample every interesting thing that we hold in our catalog. Not for the faint of heart as this trip covers over 500,000 light years which is further than many of you will have traveled in your entire careers. But you can’t all be like commander Crimshadow who has already scanned over 59% of the biological and cloud types in our catalog.

The Canonn Challenge Route – Click the image to view the 3D map

Grab a screenshot of each system to prove that you have visited them all, and  write us a report on some of your findings and you could be selected to win a prize. But of course no prize is better than the satisfaction of knowing that you have completed the task. You don’t need to follow the route as long as you can show you have sampled every type of biology and Notable Stellar Phenomena. We will update the route periodically if we can make it shorter and if you can come up with a better route, do let us know.

So dust off your anorak and fill your thermos and take the trip of a lifetime that will mark you as an elite Canonneer.

System Region Jump Distance Sol Feature
Varati Inner Orion Spur 0.00Ly 213.21ly Thompson Dock
Oochorrs NF-L d9-12 Sanguineous Rim 1464.22Ly 1464.27ly
Crystalline Shards
116 Tauri Inner Orion Spur 1088.83Ly 434.4ly
Luteolum Anemone, Croceum Anemone, Blatteum Bioluminescent Anemone, Rubeum Bioluminescent Anemone
Wredguia XD-K d8-24 Inner Orion Spur 341.76Ly 242.24ly
Phoeniceum Gourd Mollusc
HIP 115991 Inner Orion Spur 417.99Ly 457.63ly
Roseum Anemone
HIP 15310 Inner Orion Spur 461.57Ly 235.22ly
Q04-Type Anomaly, Q08-Type Anomaly
Alaunus Inner Orion Spur 104.66Ly 234.13ly
Q09-Type Anomaly
Col 285 Sector GG-N c7-34 Inner Orion Spur 193.58Ly 369.9ly
Croceum Gourd Mollusc
Col 135 Sector DR-V c2-16 Inner Orion Spur 754.91Ly 1075.5ly Viride Brain Tree
HD 81946 Inner Orion Spur 797.45Ly 1614.79ly
Ostrinum Brain Tree, Roseum Bioluminescent Anemone, Albulum Gourd Mollusc
HD 63276 Inner Orion Spur 478.25Ly 1304.27ly
Lindigoticum Brain Tree
BD-12 1172 Inner Orion Spur 900.15Ly 1178.64ly
Lattice Mineral Spheres, Prasinum Bioluminescent Anemone, Viridans Gourd Mollusc
HIP 139 Inner Orion Spur 1872.24Ly 1161.36ly
Puniceum Anemone
Cyuefoo LC-D d12-0 Errant Marches 32555.76Ly 33564.51ly
L09-Type Anomaly
Byaa Thoi MI-B d13-0 Errant Marches 4166.52Ly 35283.32ly
K07-Type Anomaly
Ovomly DA-Q d5-16 Vulcan Gate 15976.65Ly 20755.76ly
Rubellum Torus Mollusc
Ovomly HG-O d6-0 Vulcan Gate 105.36Ly 20786.77ly
Luteolum Calcite Plates, Lindigoticum Calcite Plates, Viride Calcite Plates, Rutulum Calcite Plates, Blatteum Torus Mollusc
Ovomly SS-K d8-8 Vulcan Gate 238.73Ly 20649.3ly
Viride Torus Mollusc
Ovomly AA-H d10-13 Vulcan Gate 264.17Ly 20849.85ly
Caeruleum Torus Mollusc
Prai Hypoo CY-C b3-1 Temple 10279.69Ly 12167.15ly
Blatteum Bell Mollusc
Traikeou SE-P d6-16 Inner Orion Spur 4096.94Ly 8469.09ly
Purpureum Gourd Mollusc
Ellaisms QX-U e2-43 Inner Scutum-Centaurus Arm 5349.26Ly 11104.4ly
P02-Type Anomaly
Skaudai YP-O e6-17 Inner Scutum-Centaurus Arm 1064.36Ly 11781.74ly
Gypseeum Bell Mollusc
Graea Hypue DC-T d4-84 Norma Expanse 5384.85Ly 13608.02ly
Puniceum Brain Tree, Amphora Plant
Blu Ain QC-M d7-3330 Norma Arm 2530.09Ly 15110.16ly
P10-Type Anomaly
Greae Phio DT-G d11-1570 Norma Arm 1728.07Ly 16733.77ly
Lindigoticum Reel Mollusc
Eeshorks QI-B d1496 Norma Arm 463.04Ly 17089.4ly
Luteolum Reel Mollusc
Eeshorks WO-A e191 Norma Arm 58.87Ly 17133.86ly
Viride Reel Mollusc
Gru Phio DV-W d2-440 Norma Arm 2323.60Ly 16366.7ly
Roseum Sinuous Tubers, Prasinum Sinuous Tubers, Albidum Sinuous Tubers, Caeruleum Sinuous Tubers
Gru Hypai DL-X e1-20 Norma Expanse 2398.71Ly 13999.69ly
K02-Type Anomaly
Blaa Hypai OZ-O d6-16 Norma Expanse 2414.07Ly 12508.55ly
Lindigoticum Bell Mollusc
Eodgorsts TX-C b13-3 Inner Scutum-Centaurus Arm 3284.27Ly 10907.02ly
Q05-Type Anomaly
Pru Aescs NC-M d7-192 Inner Orion Spur 2750.79Ly 9188.03ly
P01-Type Anomaly
Nyeajaae DA-Z a27-2 Inner Orion Spur 1695.14Ly 7648.03ly
Viride Sinuous Tubers
Trifid Sector BQ-Y d244 Inner Orion Spur 3153.69Ly 5276.25ly
Blatteum Collared Pod
Trifid Sector FW-W d1-233 Inner Orion Spur 12.93Ly 5282.65ly
Lividum Collared Pod
Trifid Sector DL-Y d157 Inner Orion Spur 17.11Ly 5267.61ly
Roseum Lagrange Cloud, Rubicundum Lagrange Cloud, Purpureum Metallic Crystals, Albidum Collared Pod, Rubicundum Collared Pod
HD 160167 Inner Orion Spur 3578.78Ly 1770.17ly
Caeruleum Gourd Mollusc
HIP 98182 Inner Orion Spur 1574.82Ly 485.84ly
Rufum Gourd Mollusc
Shrogaae KK-A d1791 Empyrean Straits 21208.29Ly 21416.79ly
Caeruleum Octahedral Pod
Shrogaae KK-A d1049 Empyrean Straits 20.89Ly 21428.25ly
Viride Octahedral Pod, Chryseum Void Heart
Shrogaae KK-A d983 Empyrean Straits 16.72Ly 21437.98ly
Niveum Octahedral Pod
Shrogeau GG-Y e119 Empyrean Straits 528.32Ly 21754.86ly
Rubicundum Lagrange Storm Cloud, P03-Type Anomaly
Shrogaae KK-A d2672 Empyrean Straits 539.24Ly 21446.57ly
Rubeum Octahedral Pod
Juenae OX-U e2-8852 Galactic Centre 7219.55Ly 26524.4ly
Roseum Lagrange Storm Cloud, L01-Type Anomaly
Phraa Pra HH-U e3-1354 Galactic Centre 438.63Ly 26732.12ly
T02-Type Anomaly
Stuemeae FG-Y d7561 Galactic Centre 1746.45Ly 25988.14ly
L04-Type Anomaly
Stuemeae KM-W c1-342 Galactic Centre 2.51Ly 25987.37ly
K11-Type Anomaly
Myriesly HR-N e6-4354 Galactic Centre 585.86Ly 25815.45ly
Q02-Type Anomaly
Myriesly CB-F d11-2373 Galactic Centre 206.55Ly 25653.91ly
Q06-Type Anomaly
Byoomao MI-S e4-5423 Galactic Centre 396.27Ly 25496.4ly
L05-Type Anomaly
Byoomao JC-B d1-3681 Galactic Centre 761.73Ly 24760.83ly
K10-Type Anomaly
Myriesly MS-T e3-3831 Galactic Centre 891.49Ly 25311.64ly
T04-Type Anomaly
Nyuena RO-Z d184 Galactic Centre 1500.60Ly 26047.07ly
P15-Type Anomaly
Nyuena ID-Z c1-10 Galactic Centre 7.41Ly 26044.98ly
P13-Type Anomaly
Agnairy JH-U e3-2113 Empyrean Straits 4685.28Ly 22846.76ly
Viride Lagrange Storm Cloud, T01-Type Anomaly
Dryoea Flyi II-S e4-6870 Odin’s Hold 4314.01Ly 19781.24ly
Luteolum Lagrange Storm Cloud, Blatteum Sinuous Tubers, Lindigoticum Sinuous Tubers, Violaceum Sinuous Tubers, Prasinum Metallic Crystals, Rubeum Metallic Crystals, Flavum Metallic Crystals, K12-Type Anomaly
Eol Prou IW-W e1-1868 Inner Scutum-Centaurus Arm 4499.11Ly 21991.25ly
Lindigoticum  Umbrella Mollusc
Asura Inner Scutum-Centaurus Arm 51.83Ly 22021.46ly
Luteolum Umbrella Mollusc, Virens Umbrella Mollusc
Wepaa BF-A f494 Odin’s Hold 3632.08Ly 25245.56ly
Caeruleum Lagrange Cloud, Croceum Lagrange Cloud, K01-Type Anomaly, K03-Type Anomaly
Wepaa BA-A g524 Odin’s Hold 425.99Ly 25612.35ly
K05-Type Anomaly, E04-Type Anomaly
Wepaa GG-Y f343 Odin’s Hold 409.23Ly 25623.65ly
K04-Type Anomaly, K06-Type Anomaly, K08-Type Anomaly
Wembeau KM-V e2-12 Orion-Cygnus Arm 7482.78Ly 29198.48ly
L03-Type Anomaly
Dryu Chraea FH-D d12-49 Perseus Arm 8915.48Ly 37844.19ly
Q01-Type Anomaly
Flyoo Groa SO-Z e0 Outer Scutum-Centaurus Arm 21027.37Ly 56870.74ly
Stolon Pod, Stolon Tree
Aiphaisty YE-A d130 Outer Orion-Perseus Conflux 18870.20Ly 38003.29ly
Q07-Type Anomaly
Phleedgaa JS-I d10-280 Izanami 12628.16Ly 34925.11ly
E03-Type Anomaly
Vegnoae QO-I d9-2277 Izanami 5009.85Ly 36968.91ly
E02-Type Anomaly
Vegnue AG-O e6-199 Izanami 4710.90Ly 37677.07ly
Lindigoticum Parasol Mollusc
Vegnue UE-Q e5-33 Izanami 98.75Ly 37621.25ly
Luteolum Parasol Mollusc, Viride Parasol Mollusc
Eorl Bre ZP-E d12-276 Inner Orion-Perseus Conflux 6741.01Ly 31708.27ly
Luteolum Bulb Mollusc
Eorl Bre TE-L c23-51 Inner Orion-Perseus Conflux 15.69Ly 31697.01ly
Viride Bulb Mollusc
Xothuia EG-Y g95 Inner Orion-Perseus Conflux 105.81Ly 31653.06ly
Lindigoticum Bulb Mollusc
Dryio Bloo LT-Y d1-1089 Odin’s Hold 3314.45Ly 29336.16ly
Viride Capsule Mollusc
Dryio Bloo LT-Y d1-311 Odin’s Hold 46.97Ly 29343.52ly
Luteolum Capsule Mollusc
Dryio Bloo YE-A g1518 Odin’s Hold 76.91Ly 29403.76ly
Lindigoticum Capsule Mollusc
Joorai NI-K d8-9 The Veils 25744.54Ly 43011.99ly
P08-Type Anomaly, P09-Type Anomaly
Joorai NI-K d8-115 The Veils 47.20Ly 43022.7ly
P14-Type Anomaly
Joorai NI-K d8-163 The Veils 50.17Ly 43067.92ly
P12-Type Anomaly
Phreia Byio PU-K c10-0 Sagittarius-Carina Arm 7153.88Ly 43626.34ly
Purpureum Peduncle Pod, Rufum Peduncle Pod
Plua Chruia IB-X d1-5 Mare Somnia 11357.51Ly 52821.19ly
Albidum Chalice Pod
Syrivu DL-P d5-2 Acheron 9321.31Ly 56839.73ly
Ostrinum Chalice Pod
Pyra Dryoae ET-O d7-7 Acheron 11148.59Ly 62915.53ly
Caeruleum Chalice Pod
Iorady EI-B d13-0 The Abyss 8409.98Ly 65482.7ly
K13-Type Anomaly
Pyrooe Dryiae CC-B d1-0 Formorian Frontier 6209.98Ly 62014ly
Cereum Aster Pod, Cereum Aster Tree
Cliewoae DS-H d11-0 Formorian Frontier 680.08Ly 61670.85ly
Rubellum Aster Pod, Rubellum Aster Tree
Cliewoae VA-L d9-0 Formorian Frontier 242.94Ly 61516.92ly
Proto-Lagrange Cloud, Purpureum Ice Crystals, Rubeum Ice Crystals, Albidum Ice Crystals, Flavum Silicate Crystals, Lindigoticum Aster Pod
Cliewoae UF-L d9-0 Formorian Frontier 154.07Ly 61518.62ly
Prasinum Aster Pod, Prasinum Aster Tree
Pyrooe Dryiae ZQ-C d0 Formorian Frontier 765.89Ly 61966.09ly
Puniceum Aster Pod
Flyeia Byoea UK-Q b24-6 Formorian Frontier 15293.30Ly 51072.31ly
Puniceum Squid Mollusc
Flyeia Byoea GE-K c11-32 Formorian Frontier 92.37Ly 51059.77ly
Albulum Squid Mollusc
Ploea Brou RH-D c12-27 Formorian Frontier 287.64Ly 51112.2ly
Caeruleum Squid Mollusc
Ploea Brou BL-Y b14-5 Formorian Frontier 267.87Ly 50938.69ly
Rubeum Squid Mollusc
Preae Chroa EI-I c23-43 Formorian Frontier 734.20Ly 50302.47ly
Roseum Squid Mollusc
Braisao ZP-V d3-16 Sagittarius-Carina Arm 27036.76Ly 40310.62ly
Candidum Peduncle Pod, Caeruleum Peduncle Pod, Gypseeum Peduncle Pod, Caeruleum Peduncle Tree, Viride Peduncle Tree, Ostrinum Peduncle Tree, Rubellum Peduncle Tree
Oodgosly GI-B d13-11 Lyra’s Song 21821.14Ly 36769.87ly
Viride Quadripartite Pod
Oodgosly AH-D d12-10 Lyra’s Song 126.49Ly 36793.3ly
Prasinum Ice Crystals, Albidum Quadripartite Pod, Caeruleum Quadripartite Pod
Oodgosly AM-D d12-7 Lyra’s Song 148.77Ly 36931.34ly
Blatteum Quadripartite Pod
Hyphaups HC-M d7-1 Tenebrae 3196.61Ly 37281.63ly
Rubeum Rhizome Pod
Hyphaups NI-K d8-0 Tenebrae 119.77Ly 37394.7ly
Purpureum Rhizome Pod
Coesky DW-U d3-0 Tenebrae 7387.11Ly 38698.22ly
Gypseeum Rhizome Pod
Dryeou Fleau XJ-A d0 Tenebrae 5257.90Ly 43907.64ly
Roseum Ice Crystals, Flavum Ice Crystals, Prasinum Silicate Crystals, Purpureum Silicate Crystals, Rubeum Silicate Crystals, Candidum Rhizome Pod, Cobalteum Rhizome Pod
Drokoe AN-H d11-6 Outer Orion Spur 29017.67Ly 15237.14ly
Albidum Silicate Crystals, Cereum Bullet Mollusc
Thaile HW-V e2-7 Hawking’s Gap 4516.93Ly 11343.41ly
Croceum Lagrange Storm Cloud, Albidum Peduncle Tree, L06-Type Anomaly
Eta Carina Sector JH-V c2-9 Outer Orion Spur 2470.27Ly 9219.41ly
Luteolum Bell Mollusc
Eta Carina Sector EL-Y d19 Outer Orion Spur 43.92Ly 9235.54ly
Viride Lagrange Cloud, Luteolum Lagrange Cloud, Solid Mineral Spheres, Roseum Brain Tree, Gypseeum Brain Tree, Lividum Brain Tree, Aureum Brain Tree, Bark Mounds, Lindigoticum  Silicate Crystals, Roseum Silicate Crystals, Albens Bell Mollusc
GCRV 6493 Outer Orion Spur 660.59Ly 9402.02ly
P04-Type Anomaly
NGC 3199 Sector EB-X c1-6 Outer Orion Spur 5859.99Ly 15173.13ly
Lividum Bullet Mollusc, Viride Bullet Mollusc
Drokoe FU-O b39-0 Outer Orion Spur 148.32Ly 15238.41ly
Rubeum Bullet Mollusc
Drokoe QK-X b34-0 Outer Orion Spur 120.83Ly 15272.91ly
Flavum Bullet Mollusc
Jongoae UX-L d7-0 Xibalba 16776.79Ly 27202.94ly
Lindigoticum Ice Crystals, Aurarium Gyre Pod, Viridis Gyre Tree, Aurarium Gyre Tree
Eorgh Hypa RR-U c19-0 Kepler’s Crest 8834.59Ly 21776.9ly
Roseum Gyre Pod
Lyed YJ-I d9-0 Kepler’s Crest 7424.84Ly 20193.93ly
P05-Type Anomaly
Lyed XJ-I d9-0 Kepler’s Crest 88.10Ly 20110.62ly
P07-Type Anomaly
Varati Inner Orion Spur 20110.62Ly 213.21ly Thompson Dock

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