Geology & Surface Organics

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Will you take the Canonn Challenge?

Here at Canonn Interstellar we just love to catalog things. We now have a huge catalog of Biology and Notable Stellar Phenomena. You can access our data from the following…
Amphora Plant

Amphora Plant

These are relatively rare organics (see in-game Codex for locations), and they will appear on the Navigation panel as Biological signals. There appears to be only a single classification. They…

Crystalline Shards

These structures are created by colonies of micro-organisms and are found in several sectors. including Sanguineous Rim and The Abyss, mostly around the outer edge of the galaxy (see in-game…

Alien Tubeworms Hunt

UPDATE! The hunt is over! With the advent of the galactic Codex CMDRs found tubeworms near the galactic core. These can be found in the in-game Codex classified as Sinuous…
Galactic Geologist Precambrian

Galactic Geologist Special Edition – Precambrian

CMDR Madraptor and MWSOG bring you a special edition of Galactic Geologist magazine – Precambrian, a collection of geology from before beyond.

This special edition of Galactic Geologist is dedicated to the early discoveries and early discoverers and within these pages you will find a stunning collection of the Geysers, Fumaroles and Lava Spouts that they have catalogued. Please join CMDR Madraptor in thanking all those who choose to explore the unknown universe and aim to further our knowledge of it and the places we live.

Galactic Geologist – Issue 1

CMDR Madraptor brings you the first edition of Galactic Geologist magazine. Galactic Geologist will bring you up-to-date news of the latest discoveries around the subjects of Organics and Geology within the galaxy. Featured in this issue are an FAQ on Geysers, Fumeroles and Organics; Top 5 Geysers and Top 5 Fumeroles.

UA and Barnacle Firefly Interaction

Unknown Artefacts and Barnacles have small firefly looking whisps of blue/green lights flying around them. What these fireflies actually are, have yet to be discovered and there are many theories about their origin and usefulness. However the link between the two objects to have a common starting point is a most common theory only boosted by the recent discovery of the large Unknown Structures and the confirmed reports of Thargoids.

Barnacle and SRVs

Barnacle Research Notes

Cmdr Locastan contributed this paper regarding Barnacles. Barnacle Research Paper

Guardians Trees (Brain Trees)

Guardians Trees or Brain Trees Mainly found in Ejecta Craters around Guardians Ruins areas. They are found on any type of world as long as the world has some form…

Cmdr Panpiper – A Brief History of Brain Trees

Cmdr Panpiper (known amongst Canonneers as “the Barnacle Whisperer”) presents this fascinating insight into these intriguing life-forms commonly referred to as Brain Trees. They can be found on rocky, rocky/ice and…