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Cmdr Content created a expedition to represent Canonn in an HCS Voicepacks competition

This route provides 17 destinations rich with the lore of the Galaxy. Most of these destinations focus on our xeno friends, the Thargoids, and our efforts to hide and eradicate them.

Varati: Varati has been the start of many expeditions, both local and out into the void. The birthplace of Canonn- there is no better place where this tour should start.

Mycoid/INRA Story: Here we follow the story of the Mycoid Project, led by the Intergalactic Naval Reserve Arm (INRA), a co-operative between the Federation and Empire that operated during the last war with the Thargoids.

Hermitage: Located on planet Hermitage 4 a, you can find the remains of a derelict agricultural facility once known as Hollis Gateway. Here at Hollis Gateway you can follow the beginnings of the Mycoid bioweapon by scanning the 4 data logs found about the facility.

Alnath: Located on planet Alnath A 2 a a, you can find the remnants of another derelict facility known as Klatt Enterprises, here you can find additional logs about the Mycoid bioweapon’s production and the start of weaponizing the Mycoid.

HIP 12099: Located on planet HIP 12099 1 a, you can find a third derelict facility known simply as Stack. The facility’s major feature is the experimentation pit which seems to contain both Mycoid residue and parts of Thargoids that have been experimented upon. Logs can be found detailing the unethical and cruel experiments conducted there. We will be revisiting HIP 12099 later in this tour.

12 Trianguli: Located on planet 12 Trianguli A 1, there is a fourth derelict facility known as Taylor Keep. This facility operated as a launch point for the delivery of weaponised Mycoid to a Thargoid hive ship by the infamous CMDR John Jameson. The facility contains a number of habitation modules, a hanger and barracks buildings, as well as being surrounded by defence turrets. A second major feature is the ship landing pad and control tower. Logs can be found containing the moments before the operation was launched.

LP 389-95: Located on planet LP 389-95 7, our final derelict facility can be found. Here the Velasquez Medical Research Centre can be seen. The facility was used mysteriously to create the vaccine for the Mycoid bio weapon, unknowingly to the scientists working there. It is hinted that this vaccine is the reason the Mycoid bioweapon has been rendered ineffective to the Thargoids in the Second Thargoid War, and why it is no longer in use.

HIP 12099: Revisiting the HIP 12099 system we can finally wrap up the INRA story and Project Mycoid. A lone ship can be found crashed on planet HIP 12099 1B. Upon arrival, logs can be found from a crashed Cobra MkIII, after scanning the ship the ID tags belong to none other but CMDR John Jameson. These logs detail his final mission and his sorrowing final messages.

Discovering the Unknown Structures: Here we find lore of the Thargoids and the mysterious operation to hide them from the public, along with the first discoveries of the “Unknown” Structures.

Electra: Orbiting planet Electra 4 an installation can be found named Communication Hub Zeta 12. Upon arrival you can scan the logs found about the installation and discover shady things going on within. After scanning the unregistered comms beacon adjacent to the facility, a encrypted code can be found hinting to our next location.

HIP 19026: After decrypting the original message given by the unregistered comms beacon from Communication Hub Zeta 12, the following message is given:


GIP 19026 SITE B 1 C




By going to the HIP 19026 system on planet HIP 19026 B 1 c, the first ever Thargoid Surface Instillation, or “Unknown” Structure, can be found. A breathtaking view and discovery, this facility was sadly found inactive and in disarray.

HIP 26176: Found on planet HIP 26176 A 5 i, a derelict facility can be found by the name of Oaken Point. Here we find the logs of a so called “Project Seraph” where an unknown scientific group is trying to interface with Thargoid craft. We can also find in these logs a so called Black Flight, hinted to be a sort of military or spec ops for this group.

Celaeno: An installation in orbit of Celaeno 1 named Relay Station PS-J-17 reveals additional logs that detail operations of this so called “Black Flight” including that of Communication Hub Zeta 12 and other mysterious operations that all linked to masking the local Thargoid presence from the public.

Synuefe GB-O c9-8: Here a beacon can be found containing the permit that must be obtained to enter the next system.

HIP 22460: Two Project Seraph facilities can be found here, Overlook, a Megaship and presumably the headquarters of the mysterious Black Flight. And located on planet HIP 22460 7 c, a Project Seraph base known as Fort Asch can be found. Logs found both on the Overlook and Fort Asch wrap up this mysterious story about the Black Flight and Project Seraph. Additionally on planet HIP 22460 10 B you can find both an active and inactive Thargoid Structure. I highly recommend experimenting with the active site a bit, who knows what can be found.

Maia: Here in Maia on planet Maia A 3 a, the remains of the Palin Research Centre can be found in ruins. This old base used to be the hub of xeno research headed by Professor Palin, however due to his research, Thargoids found out about his facility and launched a devastating attack, leading to the evacuation of the base.

Thargoid-Guardian Battlegrounds: Here is Canonn’s most recent endeavor. Here we will move from the Pleiades to the California Nebula where we will follow a short but telling story of the Hesperus and it’s crew.

Perseus Dark Region KC-V c2-2: Here in an asteroid cluster we can find a mysteriously damaged megaship, this ship is called the Hesperus and served long ago as a research vessel before the ship went missing. This ship was found after a distress signal was broadcast from the Hesperus after being tampered with by a nomadic clan known as the Scrivener’s who were salvaging the ship for resources. Here you can find the logs and discover the mystery of the sudden disappearance of the crew.

Trapezium Sector YU-X c1-2: After following the logs of the Hesperus and it’s crew, we can find and locate the Anaconda, known as Proteus, that fled with the remaining survivors which found a Guardian-Thargoid battleground on planet Trapezium Sector YU-X c1-2 1a. The scientists converted the Proteus into a research center and conducted additional experiments on nearby ruins until the event that left them perished.

Pleione: Finally, after all this exploration, we set course for the rings of Pleione 4. Here we can find the Squirrel’s Nest Bar. Grab a drink and relax, explorer. You have earned it.

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