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Thargoid Spire

The Thargoid Barnacle Matrix was first reported to via the Canonn Alert Server August 2nd 3309 by CMDR M.V.Coehoorn. After the initial discovery a total of 45 were found clustered…

Thargoid Hunter

On May 18th 3309 the Second Thargoid War took an unexpected turn, when pilots first entering the heavily protected core of the Thargoid Maelstroms were confronted by a multitude of…

Thargoid Titan

Thargoid Titans can be found at the centre of Maelstrom (details of how to get to the Titan are on the Maelstrom entry). Titans appear to be capital class ships…


Shortly after the disaster and massacre of HIP 22460, an unknown anomaly appeared on long-range sensor modules, especially Full Spectrum Scanners mounted on all personal ships. This strange signal was…

Non-Human Signal Source

Non-Human Signal Sources (NHSS) (not to be confused for Nonhuman Signatures (NHS)) are locations where xeno vessels or technology can be found. At the time of writing, the only alien…

Nonhuman Signature

Nonhuman Signatures (not to be confused for Non-Human Signal Sources (NHSS)) are Points of Interest (POIs) that can spawn on any landable planet (with or without an atmosphere) in a…

Thargoid Caustic Generator

The UIA’s now formally known as the Thargoid Maelstroms have begun taking up residence in the bubble around ammonia worlds.  As everything is ramping up in the thargoid war, it…

The Kingfisher

The Kingfisher is a Beckett-Class science vessel that can be found in Hyades Sector YO-Q b5-1, orbiting body B 1.

Unidentified Interstellar Anomaly

Project Cotton Eye An ongoing investigation into the nature of the Unidentified Interstellar Anomaly. Please note that the information is provided by a large number of participants and much has…
Thompson Dock

Canonn Tour

Cmdr Content created a expedition to represent Canonn in an HCS Voicepacks competition This route provides 17 destinations rich with the lore of the Galaxy. Most of these destinations focus…