Oath of Tyndareus

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Oath of Tyndareus

The Oath of Tyndareus is a retrofitted Hogan-class Hauler.

Differently to the standard Hogan-class Hauler it has two additional Defence Turrets on the Cargo Pod Module mounted along the central axis, and one additional Turret on both Cargo Pods mounted directly against it, bringing the number of Defence Turrets to eight instead of four.

Its Cargo Hatches are not interactable.

Otherwise it is identical to a standard Hogan-class Bulk Cargo Ship.

The Oath of Tyndareus was first seen in HIP 22460 after superpowers were deploying their navies in defence of Azimuth Biochemicals preparation of “Salvations Superweapon”. The presence of Alliance AX Force around the Oath of Tyndareus makes it likely it was retrofitted to act in the role of a federal or imperial Capital Ship.

Update 7th of July 3308:
It’s role as a flagship of the superpowers taskforce in HIP 22460 was confirmed in Galnet News, 07 JUL 3308:
“Experimental anti-xeno weaponry has been installed on the three taskforce flagships: the Alliance megaship Oath of Tyndareus, …”

Update 9th of August 3308:
Oath of Tyndareus was destroyed by Thargoids, after the Proteus Wave was fired in HIP 22460

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