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Azimuth Saga Overview

CMDR Coehoorn has supplied a overview of the Azimuth Saga taken from Galnet Chapter 1 Beginning a multi-part overview of historical events surrounding Azimuth Biochemicals and its connection to the…
Oath of Tyndareus

Oath of Tyndareus

The Oath of Tyndareus is a retrofitted Hogan-class Hauler.Differently to the standard Hogan-class Hauler it has two additional Defence Turrets on the Cargo Pod Module mounted along the central axis,…

Iraxon Lane

Iraxon Lane is an abandoned settlement in the DG Canum Venaticorum system, on body A 4 a.

The Alexandria

The Alexandria was a megaship owned by Aegis, which can be found in the Wregoe TC-X b29-0 system, in the planetary rings of body AB 2.

Fort Asch

Fort Asch is an abandoned settlement in the permit locked HIP 22460 system, on body 7 c, It was formerly run by Azimuth Biochemicals as part of Project Seraph –…

Oaken Point

Oaken Point is an abandoned settlement in the HIP 26176 system, on body A 5 i.Oaken Point was part of Project Seraph – an attempt to allow humans to control…


The Proteus is an abandoned Anaconda which can be found in the Trapezium Sector YU-X c1-2 system, on body 1 a. It can be found at a Point of Interest labelled AZB2/H002255/SC-01.


The Hesperus is a Lowell class megaship that can be found in the Perseus Dark Region KC-V c2-2 system, orbiting body B (A Belt – Cluster 1).

Professor Carver’s Crashed Sidewinder

A Crash Site can be found in the HIP 69200 system, on body 1 b,The crashed Sidewinder forms part of the Adamastor storyline. There is a data core to scan…

Ghost Ship Adamastor

The Adamastor, a Lowell class science megaship, can be found orbiting Chukchan 5 b. It is on fire and there are cargo and engineering materials nearby. Scanning the ship with…