Cochi Unregistered Comms Beacon

Cochi Unregistered Comms Beacon

An Unregistered Comms Beacon which can be found near Cochi 1 and Issigonis Gateway in Cochi.

The beacon transmits at 00 minutes past the hour. Transmission yet to be recorded.

This message is the decryption key for an encoded Galnet article in the local Herald:

The Cochi Herald
25 Oct 3302

***Compromised Carrier Signal***

India Papa India Lima Charlie – Hotel Papa Juliet
Yankee 3 Foxtrot – India Foxtrot Uniform Tango
Charlie Papa Bravo Foxtrot Juliet Victor Charlie Golf
Alpha Juliet – Kilo Alpha Juliet Alpha Sierra Foxtrot
Tango Charlie Papa Bravo Quebec Papa Oscar Charlie
India Alpha Foxtrot Tango Tango Foxtrot India
November Charlie Bravo Delta Whiskey Foxtrot Bravo
Tango Alpha Juliet Hotel Papa Uniform Bravo Tango
Yankee Lima Uniform Bravo Tango Alpha Sierra Golf

Applying a Keyed Caesar cipher with the key taken from the beacon yielded the message:


This leads to a permanent POI at Cochi 3 a, nothing of interested is reported at this location.

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