Orrere Crashed Ship

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Orrere Crashed Ship

A wrecked Anaconda crashed nose-first into the moon Orrere 2 b at 43.8214, -173.9800 , scattering its cargo behind it. From the contents of the wreckage, which includes Brewer Corp and Caine Massey crates as well as a number of cargo canisters:

  • Bertrandite (14x),
  • Beryllium (2x),
  • Gold (3x),
  • Palladium (2x).

The wreckage includes three Cargo Racks that can be scanned, but give no information or data, and shot which gives rare Engineer Materials.

Within the crashed ship itself a Ship Data Core can be scanned for an Intel Package.

The location of this crash site is provided by a Galnet article in the local Herald:

Orrere Herald
22 Dec 3301

…Carrier signal compromised…


I know you said never to use this channel but it’s urgent. Gill has gone missing!

She was on a supply run to Guin Survey on Orrere 2 b when her transponder signal cut out.

We need to get someone to fly out there and find her. I’m sending you here last known co-ordinates.

Lat: 43 Long: -173

Please Ben we need to find her.

…Message ends…


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