Eagle Eye Installations

Eagle Eye Installations

The Eagle Eye Installations were installed in the Pleiades to monitor Thargoid Activity.

From Galnet on 10 MAR 3304:

Aegis has launched an operation to monitor Thargoid activity in the Pleiades Nebula.

Admiral Aden Tanner, chief military liaison at Aegis, made this statement:

“Our new Eagle Eye initiative will closely monitor systems where Thargoid surface sites are known to exist.”

“We have established orbital surveillance installations at six locations in the Pleiades, which will measure energy-level fluctuations and track ship movements. Each installation is attended by a comms beacon that will collect the data before transmitting it to us for analysis.”

Aegis has confirmed that Eagle Eye installations have been placed in the following systems:

HIP 17225

HIP 17692

HIP 17892

HR 1185

Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55

Pleiades Sector KC-V c2-4

The locations are:

  • HIP 17692 A 3 – Eagle Eye One
  • HR 1185 A 5- Eagle Eye Two
  • HIP 17892 1 a – Eagle Eye Three
  • HIP 17225 A 5 – Eagle Eye Four
  • Pleiades Sector KC-V c2-4 – Eagle Eye Five
  • Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55 2 – Eagle Eye Six

The messages from the unregister comms beacons appear to change on a weekly basis. The Eagle Eye installations give out messages that contain planet locations with Thargoid Structures in nearby systems. These structures contain Thargoid Links that in turn point to various locations which can be:

  • Previously Attacked starports
  • Unattacked starports
  • Thargoid Structures
  • Thargoid Barnacles
  • Crashed Thargoid ships
  • INRA bases and INRA related locations
  • Settlements attacked by Thargoids

When targets are starports that have not previously been attacked there is a one week interval where Non Human Signal Sources appear in that system (and surrounding systems). The starport can be saved if CMDRs kill enough Thargoids, but if the (hidden) kill count is not reached then the starport will be attacked and damaged the following week. It has been confirmed that success is based upon kill numbers, and only kills in the target system will be counted. This means that kills derived from missions on Aegis ships (which typically give out missions in nearby systems) do not count.

Aegis megaships Vanguard and Acropolis follow the attacks, and often stop in nearby systems each week. They are given a new flight plan before the Eagle Eye messages change, which seems to indicate that Aegis knows internally whether the attack has succeeded before this is reflected via Eagle Eye.

Decoding the messages

Eagle Eye Installations

The installations have an Unregistered Communications Beacon (UCB). These transmit once per hour (Eagle Eye One transmits on the hour, Eagle Eye Two transmits at ten past, Eagle Eye Three at twenty past etc). Transmissions normally change early Thursday. The transmissions use the key INVADERS (early weeks used THARGOIDS) and phonetic letters (decoder). Since December 3304 the messages contain the names of target systems, often slightly garbled. For instance Maia becomes Maiaiaiaiaia, but further decoding is not required.

Previous Weeks

These are now on a weekly reports page, as there is now significant historical data. Locations were only collected until December 3304.


Thanks to the following CMDRs who were instrumental in putting this information together : aguettinger, Annabella Terra, Bagofholding, Dave Hedgehog, Ecthelion, factabulous, Jonuss, JohnTAss, Kal, Kaz Archer, Malic, Node_, Olivia Vespera, ProRockPL, Redden Alt-Mer, Robbie, Sileo, Skaldorin, Vildu, Zaratan

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