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Kuntae Comms Installation

Kuntae Comms Installation

A Comms Installation can be found in orbit of Kuntae A 3. Contains two Satellites giving Engineer Data. Not of any known scientific interest. (Image from CMDR Kaz Archer)
Eagle Eye Aegis Installation

Eagle Eye Installations

The Eagle Eye Installations were installed in the Pleiades to monitor Thargoid Activity. From Galnet: Aegis has launched an operation to monitor Thargoid activity in the Pleiades Nebula. Admiral Aden…
Keast & Crighton Comestibles

Keast & Crighton Comestibles

Agricultural Vessel orbiting Pleiades Sector GW-W c1-15 8 which appears to have been added as a result of a Community Goal for Angeli Imperial Enterprises. Main feature is two sets…
Pirate Cove Installation Kemurukamar A 1

Pirate Cove

The Pirate Cove Installation can be found in Kemurukamar around A 1. There is a Bowman-class Researcher at this location, the Blazin’ Dynamo. The Blazin’ Dynamo, and has been attacked.…
Warkan Comms Installation

Warkan Comms Installation

Comms Installation found in orbit of Warkan 1. Lots of flight traffic around, will often scan you for cargo. Two satellites and a Navigation Beacon present – satellites will give…
Gefjun's Claim Agricultural Installation

Gefjun’s Claim

Gefjun’s Claim is a large Agricultural Installation in Synuefai LX-R d5-28 around planet 4. It was places as a result of a Community Goal placed by the Spinward Marches Alliance…

Karis Unnamed Installation

An unnamed installation (with a blank name in the navigation panel) may be found in orbit of Karis AB 2. The existence of this installation was revealed by the listening…

Halley Terminal

Halley Terminal is an Installation in orbit of Ross 690 1. The existence of this installation is revealed by the listening post found in orbit of the planet Quy in…

11 Parsecs Bar

11 Parsecs is a bar that may be found in orbit of HIP 110028 6. Two Satellites giving Engineer Data are adjacent to the facility. Contains a Navigation Beacon. The…

The Drive Yards

Dan Gurney Drive Yards is a capital ship dock facility adjacent to the Bella Port station in the Irusan system. It consists of a large structure and two capital ship…