Facece 8 Capital Ship Debris

Facece 8 Capital Ship Debris

An extremely large debris field can be found in orbit of Facece 8 where a capital ship should be on permanent station.

When you arrive, a number of Imperial Navy vessels are investigating the wreckage, their comms include the following messages:

Lead to all wings, form a perimeter until the search team arrives.

Keep your eyes peeled. Something big took out this ship and I want us to be ready in case it comes back.

You don’t think this is.. .you know… with all the rumors flying around?

After a few moments, your ship will announce that a Capital Class Signature is detected, and the Majestic-class Interdictor “INV Trasken Duval I” will jump into the area and take up the station.

While it’s possible that the loss of the Capital Ship formerly on patrol here could be the work of non-human forces, it’s also possible that it occurred as a result of the temporary Allied Facece Order on 04 FEB 3302 takeover of the system.

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