Nommai Convoy Beacon

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Nommai Convoy Beacon

An Unregistered Comms Beacon can be found in orbit of Nommai 4. Known to transmit the following at 00 minutes past the hour, with a transmission reported at 20:00:

19 3 1 14 20 8 5 13
(repeated four times)

Decodes by letter positions to:


This message is the decryption key for an encoded Galnet article in the local Herald:

The Nommai Herald
25 Oct 3302

***Compromised Carrier Signal***

Delta Quebec Hotel Hotel Charlie Mike – India Quebec
Juliet Yankee 3 – Bravo Charlie Tango Lima Quebec
Bravo Quebec Delta Victor Quebec Yankee – Mike
Hotel Romeo Golf Delta Juliet Mike Delta Lima Juliet
Charlie Delta Lima Golf Tango

The message consists of a series of words that can be interpreted as the NATO phonetic alphabet, yielding the message:


Applying a Keyed Caesar cipher with the key of SCANTHEM taken from the beacon yielded the message:


This leads to a “Convoy Beacon” signal source in orbit of Nommai 3.

Rather than a permanent equivalent of other known Convoy Beacons, this ships in the convoys usually found within this source carry the same designations as those seen at Communication Hub Zeta 12 and Relay Station PSJ-17.

The cargo these ships are carrying includes Meta Alloys and Unknown Artefacts.

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