Generation Ship Epimetheus

Generation Ship Epimetheus

Generation Ship Epimetheus can be found orbiting planet 4 of the HR 2351 system. It has four ship uplinks containing an audio message.

Detainee #947, Collins, Comms Log Day 1

Hello? Can anyone hear me? There’s been a mistake. I’m not supposed to be in here. I only borrowed that data chip. I was going to give it back. Locking me in the brig is completely unnecessary! Where do you think I would go if you let me out? We’re in the depths of the black!

Keep it down In there, Collins!

All right, keep your shirt on. I’m sure we can work all this out. If I could just explain myself to the Captain, he’d realise this is all a big misunderstanding.


Detainee #947, Collins, Comms Log Day 3

What’s happening? I can hear a siren. Can anyone hear me? I’ve been in here for two days and no one’s come to check on me. Can’t someone tell me what’s going on…please?

Is the ship being evacuated? You can’t leave me behind! You have to let me out of here! I’m not even supposed to be in here!


Detainee #947, Collins, Comms Log Day 9

Can anyone hear me? Am I just talking to myself?

It’s been days. Everything’s so quiet. Thank god that siren finally stopped, but now the silence is killing me. Where is everyone?

The automated systems provide me with food and water, and flush away my waste. But for how much longer? Someone will find the ship soon, surely? We can’t just drift through the void forever…can we?

Detainee #947, Collins,Comms Log Day 1,047

It’s whispering to me. I can hear it through the air vents. The void is speaking to me. It wants to tell me something, but I can t make out the words. It must be a way out of this prison. A solution to the puzzle.

I’m innocent. They knew I’d done nothing wrong but they put me in here anyway. It was a test — I know that now. Part of some greater game. I just need to find the answer.

How long have I been here? A week? A year? Maybe only a matter of hours. Isolation does strange things to people. A lesser man might have gone insane, but not me. Not Joe Collins.

Joe…Collins. That is me, isn’t it?

Epimetheus was originally reported by BroxLegend on Reddit


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