Istanu Unauthorised Installation

Istanu Unauthorised Installation

An Unauthorised Installation may be found in orbit of Istanu 1 f.

The start of the trail leading to this installation can be found in the Ross 154 Herald:

26 Sep 3303

Galactic News: Security Officer Killed in Line of Duty

Security services are mourning the loss of one officer Jacob Scarlett, who was last seen in the Ross 446 system. Officer Scarlett was part of a multi-system initiative designed to target smuggling.

Scarlett’s ship, which had been missing for several weeks, was discovered a few days ago drifting on the fringes of Ross 446 having suffered significant damage. Security forces are appealing to anyone with information relating to the officer’s death to come forward.

This leads to a Listening Post in orbit of Ross 446 1 that gives the location of the installation:

…Unregistered Transmission WAS-762-A Detected…

No Matching Signals Detected

…Scarlett, I’m in….bought my …alias…moved …their…base…to…lstanu…system…bigger…not…smuggling…t rading…slavery…going on here. I’m…close …out.

…End of Transmission…

No security response is available around the facility, and a small number of pirates are in the area and will scan your ship.

A small number of Cargo Canisters are scattered around the facility, and an Occupied Escape Pod can be found within the central structure.

A series of four Ship Log Uplink points can be located on the outside and inside of the facility, those inside might require entering tunnels barred by maintenance seals—a low speed ram of the door with a red triangle will break the bulkhead and allow your ship entry. Deploy your ship’s hardpoints and use the onboard Data Link Scanner within 200m of each post to scan them and retrieve the logs:

This is Scarlett, I’m in. Looks like they bought my cover story and alias. Having me murder my own ship sealed the deal. Nothing screams criminal like killing a cop. They wear it like a badge of honour. Word got around and they think I’m some gun for hire.

We’ve moved about a fair bit, but their base of operations seems to be in the lstanu system.

This is bigger than we thought, not just a smuggling ring they are trading in people and not for slavery, something else is going on here. I’m not close enough yet, but I’ll find out.

I’m not proud of what I’m doing, I just tell myself that it’s not me. But it seems to be working. I’ve got more access. I got a glimpse into something that looked like a lab, they’ve got tech here that would be the envy of any hospital in the galaxy.

These people are well funded. But I still need to dig deeper.

What are they really doing here?

Got lt!

They are shipping people in and using them as mules. They wake up somewhere and are completely unaware of what has happened to them and have no idea what they are carrying. Drugs, data chips, organisms. I guess they ended up being smugglers afterall, but I didn’t see this co m I ng.

These innocent people traffic the goods with no knowledge and then turn up missing when the goods are retrieved.

We’ve got to stop this.

There’s not much more I can do.

They are starting to ask questions and I’ve run out of answers. I think they have made me. I’ve going to have to disappear, there is no way I can get a ship out of here, so I’ve hidden one of the escape pods and I’m planning on hiding in there.

If you find this, my name is Scarlett, I’rn a security officer from Ross 154, I need you to get me back there so we can stop these scumbags.

No specific behavior is recorded from scooping the Occupied Escape Pod, or delivering it to the Search and Rescue Agent in Ross 154.

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