Gordon Class Bulk Cargo Ship FPR-42

Gordon Class Bulk Cargo Ship FPR-42

The Gordon Class Bulk Cargo ship designation FPR-42 can be found in the HIP 18077 system orbiting HIP 18077 6 c.

The ship has been attacked by pirates.

A number of Engineer Materials / Cargo are scattered nearby. The location can spawn one of three sets of ships:

  • Pirates which will scan you for cargo, or
  • Terrorists and Police who will fight each other, or
  • a rescue party for the ship

There is a Ship Uplink, the message is:

Mayday, Can anyone hear me? They came out of nowhere as we passed an asteroid cluster. They must have been hiding there to cover their ship signatures. They hit us all at once. We had no time. The captain said abandon ship but hey started shooting down the escape pods. I’m trappen on board… please help… wait… wa… no… no let me go I don’t……

This attack seems to be part of a wave of attacked Megaships in the California Sector, probably related to a Community Goal as reported 29 DEC 3303.

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