The Kingfisher

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The Kingfisher

The Kingfisher is a Beckett-Class science vessel that can be found in Hyades Sector YO-Q b5-1, orbiting body B 1.

It was attacked by Thargoids on 24 NOV 3308 when it attempted to intercept in incoming Interstellar Anomaly known as Taranis as part of an initiative of the Thargoid Advocacy Project initiated on 20 OCT 3308.

The Cargo Hatches contain various cargo which can include Thargoid Sensors.

There were reports of aggressive Thargoids appearing anywhere in the system at the time, similar to the situation in HIP 22460, though Guardian modules don’t appear to degrade in the way that they do in HIP 22460.

There are three message logs (with audio) along with cargo scattered around the area.


What to say, what to say… I suppose I should start at the beginning.

This is Dr Elias Pope, standing aboard the Kingfisher. The megaship smells brand new, all aerosol sprays and adhesives. Our research equipment is current generation. Even the corridors have been polished. Dalton Chase sure kept his word.

Everyone on board is excited about the mission ahead of us. We’ve been given the chance to make history. This ship, carrying over three thousand supporters of the Thargoid Advocacy Project, aims to greet the first of the rogue anomalies heading towards the core systems: Taranis. We want the first human ship it meets to be one of peace, not war.

My role is to lead the team seeking to open communications with the Thargoids. Now, we’re hardly going to strike up a conversation anytime soon – we don’t even know whether the aliens recognise human communication methods. But we have some ideas.

There are multiple methods of sending messages without a shared language. My team has proposed various data sequences, audio cues, light patterns and such. If we can establish any level of response, then we’ll have something to work with.

Imagine the incredible opportunities for both our species if we can make contact. True contact – not just an exchange of weapons fire. If they heard us… I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

Our jump to intercept Taranis is scheduled for an hour’s time. I’ll update when we arrive.

We’ve reached our destination in Hyades Sector YO-Q b5-1 and started our observations. So far we’ve been unable to make much headway.

The Taranis signal has decelerated. But our calculations indicate it will still pass us by at a velocity too fast for any meaningful contact – unless we get its attention. We’re transmitting algorithmic comms, binary encoded hails and a series of harmonised whistles that don’t occur naturally in the galaxy’s electromagnetic makeup. To little noticeable effect, I should add.

Our readings confirm Professor Palin’s theory that the signal source is massive. If our estimates are correct, Taranis dwarfs any man-made starport. We remain hopeful that the signal has a non-military purpose, but we cannot ascertain its motives through long-range scans alone.

Mood aboard the Kingfisher is apprehensive. I believe it is dawning upon the crew that while we truly wish to make peaceful contact, the Thargoids themselves may not be listening. I have to admit… I’m beginning to wonder whether we made the right decision by coming here.

If only we had a sign that our efforts meant something.

This is Dr Elias Pope. I’m standing on the bridge of the Kingfisher. If you’re receiving this transmission, we need Federal authorities to cancel system access restrictions. Send help immediately!

The ship has been attacked by multiple Thargoid vessels. They swarmed the system as Taranis passed through. We’re defenceless.

After days of silence, we heard a noise from the Taranis signal moments before it entered the system. I don’t have time to analyse it properly, but the Thargoid ships appeared moments later. This mission was doomed from the start. We hoped they would listen, but…

I don’t know whether I should use one of the remaining escape pods. The helmsman claimed they saw others that were jettisoned being collected by Thargoid ships.

My assistant, she’s… she’s praying to a God she doesn’t believe in for a miracle that can’t happen. I’m thinking of joining her.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

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