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Herpin Research Base

Herpin Research Base is an abandoned settlement in Wregoe HV-Z b15-0 on body C 1, at 3.0683, 153.8968 (in Live/4.0) or at 2.7686, 46.9578 (in Legacy/3.8).

The location of this site can be found by following the three nearby listening posts located in:
Wregoe CU-B b15-0 / Wregoe YY-B b15-0 / Wregoe NW-X b16-0

Within the settlement there is a Data Point which may be scanned for an Intel Package, and for Engineer Data. Low grade engineering materials are also scattered around.

Site was originally found by CMDR J. P. Calvan

Around the settlement there are four Settlement Comms Log Uplink points, scanning them gives background to the reason for its abandonment:

Personal Log:

It started with that light show. We thought is was some kind of low level meteor shower or comet collision being lit up by the sun. Kind of like a rainbow in space right above the station as the dust and particles fall to the ground.

I remember we were all so amazed by the spectacle, it was so beautiful. Like nothing else I’ve ever seen in my five years in deep space.

We had to get some captures of it. We all posed for a picture with the lights in the background.

Then a few days later things started to unravel.

Personal Log:

Paine was the first to go. He didn’t show up for duty, which was weird. He wasn’t the type to miss a shift.

Then when we went to find him, there was no trace. Nothing. Just his cabin all neat and tidy, everything in its place. But no Paine. It was like he hadn’t been there in ages. Dust covered his desk.

We checked the logs and security footage, he never left that room. At least not in a way I can explain.

The others went one by one over the next few days. Peterson, Giordano, Scott. There one day, gone the next. Scott was the one that left us a clue. He had been acting strangely since this whole thing began. It was as if he knew he was next. He had worked something out.

Then he vanished. Scribbled on his wall were all the names of the crew in the order they were disappearing, alongside the photo we had taken on that day. But that wasn’t the weirdest thing. He had written the words ‘Don’t fall Asleep’ all over the room. On notes, on the walls, on the floors.

Don’t Fall Asleep.

I’m not sure how long I’ve got. I’m doped up on stims, but I haven’t slept for days. I can feel my eyelids getting heavier. Whatever has been happening to the crew, it happens when you sleep. Watts was the last to go.

We were the only two left, trying to keep each other awake. I went looking for more stims, when I got back he was asleep and then it happened. I thought It was his breath to start with, dust coming out of him. And then he started to lose all colour. He became dust and in that final second I realised. No one has left the settlement, they all just turned to dust.

It’s not some monster, it’s not some kind of crazed alien race. It was the dust, we inhaled it, it got into our atmospheric systems and like a virus it infected us. The most exposed went first. Now there is only me left.

I’m so tired.

Listening Posts

Wregoe CU-B b15-0 1

…Encoded Message TTM-251-A Detected…

Matches signal detected at listening posts: (wregoe yy-b b15-0, wregoe nw-x b16-0

Approximate Signal Range: 26-28 LY

…haven’t slept for days….. long:153.8968 …..it happens when you sleep…

…Beacon Signal Lost…

[Note for 3.8] Codex displays values for 4.0, it should read: long:46.957973

Wregoe YY-B b15-0 AB 1

…Encoded Message TTM-251-B Detected…

Matches signal detected at listening posts: (wregoe cu-o b15-0, wregoe nw-x b16-0)

Approximate Signal Range: 39-41 LY

…haven’t slept for days….. lat:3.0683 …..it happens when you sleep…

…Beacon Signal Interrupted…

[Note for 3.8] Codex displays values for 4.0, it should read: lat:2.768545

Wregoe NW-X b16-0 3

…Encoded Message TTM-251-C Detected…

Matches signal detected at listening posts: (wregoe cu-b b15-0,wregoe yy-b b15-0)

Approximate Signal Range: 38-41 LY

…haven’t slept for days….. C 1 …..it happens when you sleep…

…Message Corrupted…


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