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Landscape Expedition

The Landscape signal is a pre-horizons audio signal that can be heard when pointing in the general direction of Sagittarius A* from the bubble. It gets its name from a distinctive structure visible in the spectogram that looks like a wireframe drawing of a mountain. Some commanders describe the sound as Space Whales.

Research by The Independent Raxxla Hunters indicated that the source of the signal was 12 ly from Sagittarius A* in an area of space that had no star. Canonn were able to confirm the results and confirmed that the point where sound originated from was likely to be the boxel coordinate shared by over 20,000 stars.

The Landscape Expedition has been set up to visit all 20,000 stars, and search for anything unusual that might be causing the signal.

How to take part. 

  1. Using the reservation form, you can reserve 10 systems to survey you can cancel your reservation using the same form.
  2. View your reservations on the Reservations (Links) tab of our spreadsheet (
  3. Visit the systems and search for anything unusual. As a minimum FSS all bodies and get close to every body, look in the nav panel. If you can, also DSS all bodies and rings.
  4. Submit a report to say that you have surveyed the system the Reservations (Links) tab in our spreadsheet pre-fills the form for you to save you time (see

How else to help

If you are running any tools that send navroute data to EDDN, such as EDMC then you can help even if you are thousands of light years away. All you need to do is plot routes through the system and this allows spansh to gather the coordinates. If you are near enough, switch to economic routes and you can submit dozens of target systems at a time. 

More information:

Independent Raxxla Hunters research paper (pdf document)  web site

Landscape Expedition Spreadheet:


When was the signal first discovered

On Wednesday, March 27th 3305 Commander PublicStaticVoid stumbled upon the signal pattern now known as the Landscape Signal.

How can you find the signal

Turn off music, turn your ship towards Sagittarius A*. The signal repeats every one minute and 49 seconds. 

Have you got a recording of the signal?

Commander Serbanstein has provided a high fidelity recording.

What are you looking for?

We don’t know some people think it could be Raxxla, but really we don’t know. The signal is pre-horizons so we expect it to be in orbit. 

What is a boxel

The fabric of the galaxy is split up into overlapping cubes of different sizes, each cube has a set of coordinates to position it in the galaxy, the stars are distributed in the cubes. Cube sizes are determined by the mass code. (

Why would it use the boxel coordinates

There is a precedent for boxel coordinates being used instead of system coordinate in the pilots federation software.

Which Boxels have the signal coordinates? 

189 systems:  Stuemeae UY-S b    

8,618 systems: Stuemeae KM-W c1-

11,868 systems: Stuemeae FG-Y d

Should the signal come for Saggitarius A* but got misplaced?

The Pilot’s Federation were consulted to find out if perhaps it was an issue with telemetry but they reported that everything was working as designed.

How long with the expedition take?

That depends on how many systems we can visit per day. At an average rate of 50 per day we should finish in a year. At the time of writing we are covering nearly 100 per day. 

Do you seriously expect me to do nothing else for a year?

The more people who take part the quicker it will get done. We hope that people will join in when exploring in the general area.

How can I avoid scanning an already scanned system

We have a reservation system so you can reserve 10 systems to scan. Once they have completed we will reserve another 10 for you.

How do I reserve systems to scan?

Using the reservation form, you can reserve 10 systems to survey you can cancel your reservation using the same form.

Where can I see my reservations?

View your reservations on the Reservations (Links) tab of our spreadsheet (

If you find nothing will the expedition be a failure?

No. If we find nothing, then we will at least have demonstrated that there was nothing to find.

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