Memorial: CMDR Brutal Deluxe

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Memorial: CMDR Brutal Deluxe

Located in the Oochorrs YB-K c25-2 system, orbiting body BC 1, a memorial dedicated to CMDR Brutal Deluxe can be found.

Upon scanning the listening post, the memorial reads:

This world was discovered by Commander Brutal Deluxe during an exploration journey chasing his passion for exploration and the stars before he was taken from us on 07/02/3304. It will always mark Commander Brutal Deluxe’s time with us as a beloved commander to traverse the void with, whilst never forgetting how great of a Father he was to me.

I will always remember you and will always carry your passion to explore this universe with me, as well as always being grateful for all the support, care, love, time, effort, and memories you have gifted me with.

Rest in Peace. Commander Brutal Deluxe. You’re with the stars now. I will always love and remember you, and, one day, I will see you again.

Signing off,

Commander Kelanen Alcatraz


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