Memorial: CMDR Garak

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Memorial: CMDR Garak

Located in the Colonia system, just off of body 4, you will find Jaques Station. Within 7km of that station you will find the beacon commemorating CMDR Garak. There are no audio logs, but there is a message if you scan the listening post.

This is what that message reads:

There are many legends of Colonia.

Explorers who first charted these parts. Miners who wrested raw materials out of the asteroids. The engineers who built the stations and the outposts. They have all forged their place in history.

But there are other tales from those early days of this far- flung homestead. In the days when Station wasn’t just a tourist attraction, there were larger-than-life characters making a mark on the galaxy.

They were tough; the void made them that way. Most had their little idiosyncrasies. One such Commander went by the name of Garak, an early pioneer of Colonia. He, along with a sidekick known as Texas Stu, was among the first to ferry supplies into the nascent colony. It was a long haul from the core worlds back then, before modules upgrades were widespread. Those transports did it the hard way. Garak refused most comforts available to modern pilots. Self-sufficiency was his code, and he wasn’t one for docking computers or other automation. His ship was efficient and economical. If you couldn’t fly simple, Garak would say you weren’t a real pilot.

He travelled more than half a million light years in the black void, across all his trips. But there was one thing that really defined Garak’s career in the radiation-soaked darkness. In all that time he spent almost nothing on fuel. It became a badge of honour for him. Why pay for fuel when you could acquire the stuff from the stars instead? Fuel scooping was an art, Garak said, and he’d honed it to perfection. Only fools paid for what was free.

Garak is sadly gone now, lost to his friends and family. But it is said that his spirit remains, watching over Colonia and all those who come this way. Even now, if one were to request refueling at a starport, the docking staff may exchange a quick glance. It’s not Garak’s way.

Memorial to CMDR Garak


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