Optimal Supercruise Flight Paths

Optimal Supercruise Flight Paths

We are privileged to have been asked to host Cmdr Heisenberg6626’s study of the Optimal Supercruise Flight Paths, which examines this key element of space travel in detail, and which is best described in his abstract:

In this article we investigate the ship dynamics in supercruise within star systems. We identify the maximal velocity, which is the speed a ship attempts to reach when set to maximal throttle. We measure this velocity, and find that it depends on how far one is away from the nearest star. Thus, one can use geodesic equations to compute the optimal flight path. We simulate some trajectories, and finally give some guidelines as to how to move optimally in a star system.

Article in full:
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Cmdr Heisenberg6626 (discord ID Heisenberg6626#1065)


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