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Pirate Cove

The Pirate Cove Installation can be found in Kemurukamar around A 1. There is a Bowman-class Researcher at this location, the Blazin’ Dynamo. The Blazin’ Dynamo, and has been attacked. It has a Ship Log Uplink:

Virusalani Control,

The Blazin’ Dynamo has been boarded by pirates and is in the Kemurukamar starsystem.

I’ve evaded their base defences and connected to the data port near the bridge.

A package designated simply as “Eli” has downloaded itself into my ship’s auxiliary storage.

It almost leapt onboard!

I’m returning it back to base.

Once you scan the Ship Log Uplink a duplicate Blazin’ Dynamo will appear in the Nav Panel.

The Pirate Cove was added for a section of the 2017 24 hour charity livestream as part of a segment where Dav followed clues, and is not known to have another purpose. There are ships that will scan you, and a Nav Beacon you can scan.


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