Recon 6 Crash Site

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Recon 6 Crash Site

Recon 6 is a crashed Diamondback Explorer on HIP 17746 3 c at 23.1688, 14.8599.

Behind the ship there is a Data Point which may be scanned for both Engineer Data and a log message. In addition to the text, the log is accompanied by an audio recording:

…Command…Recon 6… Target…being followed…it’s catching up me…we can’t avoid it …at Pleiades Sector OS-U c2-7….. I repeat site is awake…Command come in!

The log, combined with the moon identity from the listening post, gives the location of an Unknown Structure on Pleiades Sector OS-U c2-7 4 a at 58.4244, -177.0446.

Listening Post

The existence of this crash site was hinted by the logs at Relay Station PSJ-17, and revealed by the two nearby listening posts:

HR 1185 A 9

…Signal KWP-458-A Interference Detected…

Signal Match Detected in Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-57 system.

…Bypassing Protection Protocols…

Recon 6 to Cornrnand

Pass on site at 4a completed. Trace levels of M particles detected. No sign of visitors. Low level power signatures detected, but could be background radiation.

Recon 6 out.

Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-57 A 3

…Signal KWP-458-B Interference Detected…

Signal Match Detected in HR 1185 system.

…Command…Recon 6… Wait we have signs of movement at site.

Picking up large power signatures of unknown origin.

…theres…losing power…controls not respond…it’s here…Bugging out to rally point echo at 3c in HIP 17746

lat: 23

long: 14

Unable to process signal. Signal Match Detected . Language parameters exceeded…

…Message Corrupted…

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