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Guardian Lighthouse

Introduction The question has been asked many times over the years since the discovery of the Guardian Beacons: ‘Does anything happen when you get multiple people to light up multiple…

Unclassified Relics

Unclassified Relics, also sometimes referred to by the community as Green Relics or Grelics, are a variation of Guardian Relics first discovered after the failure of the Proteus Wave in…

Azimuth Saga Overview

CMDR Coehoorn has supplied a overview of the Azimuth Saga taken from Galnet Chapter 1 Beginning a multi-part overview of historical events surrounding Azimuth Biochemicals and its connection to the…


The Proteus is an abandoned ship in the Trapezium Sector YU-X c1-2 system, on body 1 a. It can be found at a Point of Interest labelled AZB2/H002255/SC-01. The Proteus…
Guardian Beacon

Guardian Beacons

On 29 AUG 3304 Ram Tah announced new signals detected from several sectors in Guardian space in Galnet: Three recently detected energy signatures have been confirmed to be of a…
Guardian Structure

Guardian Structure

The Guardian Structure is a surface structure created by the Guardians. It was found after the less interactive Ancient Ruins (also created by The Guardians), and is often found in…
Active Guardian Obelisk - Urn Casket

Guardians Codex

The Guardian Codex data is a set of 28 logs (with audio) obtained via the second Ram Tah mission ‘Decrypting the Guardian Logs‘. 1/28 : Thargoid Log – Barnacle SeedingThis…
Guardian Structure

Ram Tah : Decrypting the Guardian Logs

This is the second mission from Ram Tah. It is based around the task of collecting messages from several locations, so is similar to his first mission in some ways, though with important differences.

This mission has not been completed yet, so this guide is a work in progress.

Finding Guardian Ruins

History: Initial Discovery The initial Guardian Ruins were found from the star map in a Frontier trailer. At this time we had no way to find ruins other than spotting…