Sagan-class Traveller

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Sagan-class Traveller

The Sagan-class Traveller is a class of Tourist Ship.

The class consists of a central superstructure with a command module on the front, a series of two rotating dual habitat rings, and a drive module on the rear. A Hackable Comms Array can be found on the drive module as well as the Ship Log Uplink and two Cargo Bays.

Its default Cargo of around 450 tons is Consumer Items, Legal Drugs, Medicines, Personal effects and Textiles.

A Sagan-class Traveller with call-sign OMA-317 can be found for reference at the following waypoints: Omanmatho, Halbarapii, Machadan, 3 Beta Lacertae, Machadan, Equagei.

  • Hackable Comms Array: 1
  • Cargo Bays: 2
  • Total Cargo: ~450t
  • Default Cargo: Consumer Items (Consumer Technology), Legal Drugs (Bootleg Liquor, Wine), Medicines (Advanced Medicines, Basic Medicines, Performance Enhancers), Salvage (Personal Effects), Textiles (Synthetic Fabrics)
  • Rare Commodity Sub-Types: Food, Legal Drugs

(Revision CMDR goemon, 20th of May 2022)

Known examples of this class are:

Sagan Class Tourist Ship TEL-121 - The Sagan Class Tourist Ship designation TEL-121 is expected to be in the following system, based on the last reported flight operations plan: A number of Engineer Materials are scattered nearby, and a number of ships are in the area. A Ship Log Uplink point can be located on the hull. Deploy your ship’s hardpoints...
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