Welcome Deviation

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Welcome Deviation

Welcome Deviation is a megaship that can be found in the Kachirigin system, orbiting body 2.

The location of the Welcome Deviation is revealed by the Listening Post in the Halbangaay system, orbiting body 3 a:

Listening Post

Halbangaay 3 a

***Unauthorised Signal Detected***

Matching Signals Detected: Kachirigin

This is it – I’ve reached my limit.

I’ve been with these pirates for too long now and it’s time for me to leave. I know they won’t let me go willingly, I’m too important to them. As well as joining in on raids I’ve – become the de facto bookkeeper, and that makes me invaluable. They’d rather kill me than let me leave.

But I have to go, and not just because this is a dangerous way to live. There’s no other way to say this, but I’ve fallen in love. Erin is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. It’s just my dumb luck that she also happens to be the daughter of our eponymous leader, Norman. If he found out I know I’d be dead – bookkeeper or not. It’s risky but I have to make a plan the raid on the Welcome Deviation will be my last. We have to get away from here.

…Signal Disconnected at Source.


It has been attacked, and there are various cargo found in the area. Scanning the ship with the Datalink scanner reveals three Uplinks (these are not labelled), and these in turn can be scanned to give more messages:

I’m on a cargo ship. It’s called the Welcome Deviation, I think. Just another in a long list of vessels this gang has ransacked, but I’m determined this will be my last. I’m going to make my move soon. Just need the right opportunity.

I’ve managed to hide some of the loot on this ship. I’ll be back to pick up the stash when the rest of the gang have left, then with any luck Erin and I will be halfway across the galaxy before anyone realises we’ve gone.

I’ve managed to pick up the loot. Now I’m taking off… literally. I‘m going to rendezvous with Erin in the Gaura system. I can only hope Norman doesn’t try and come after us.

Again these messages lead to another system – travelling to Guara there is a Scientific Installation, Relay Station JE-6060, that can be found near body 4. This appears to be the end of the trail.

These locations were originally reported by CMDR PanPiper

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