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Site 94 is an abandoned settlement that has been attacked by Thargoids in the HIP 19284 system on body A 2 d, at -32.2151, -125.9004 (in Live/4.0) or at -19.0631, -99.4497 (in Legacy/3.8).

The location of this site can be found by following the three nearby listening posts located in:
HR 1183 / Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-79 / HIP 19847

The mining extractors can be shot to gather mineral cargo.

Listening Posts

Note: The second and third Listening Post logs have the incorrect ID’s listed, the ID for the log from Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-79 should be DRJ-184-B, rather than DRJ-184-A, and the ID for the log from HIP 19847 should be DRJ-184-C, rather than DRJ-184-A.

HR 1183 A 3

…Corrupted Transponder Signal DRJ-184-A Detected…

Matching Signals Detected: (Pleiades Sector HR-W D1-78, HIP 19847)

Approximate Signal Range: 58-59 LY

…an emergency…Half…crew…dead…the rest…can hear explosions…safe…long:-125.8003…The monument…like a beacon…bringing them…

…Transmission Ends…

Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-79 1 a

…Corrupted Transponder Signal DRJ-184-A Detected…

Matching Signals Detected: (HR 1183, HIP 19847)

Approximate Signal Range: 62-63 LY

…an emergency…Half…crew…dead…the rest…can hear explosions…safe…lat:-32.2149…The monument…like a beacon…bringing them…

…Transmission Ends…

HIP 19847 AB 3

…Corrupted Transponder Signal DRJ-184-A Detected…

Matching Signals Detected: (HR 1183, Pleiades Sector HR-W D1-79)

Approximate Signal Range: 16-17 LY

…an emergency…Half…crew…dead…the rest…can hear explosions…safe…PLANET:A 2 d…The monument…like a beacon…bringing them…

…Transmission Ends…


Chief Blair – Site Log 87234

Extraction was up to 650 tonnes a day, but I’ve had to put operations on hold. An excavator unearthed something in one of the shafts. Looks like some kind of…ancient monument, I guess? Almost like an underground temple. I’m no expert, but it looks pretty damn old. I’d be surprised if this thing is human.

Some of the guys suggested bulldozing the thing and carrying on with operations, but I’m not senior enough to make that call. I asked HQ to send someone to evaluate the find. We could do with a xenoarchaeologist really, but they’ll probably just send a couple of suits, then tell us to flatten the place. You know, this could be an important find, but everything’s about the bottom line with those guys

Chief Blair – Site Log 87242

This is an emergency report – the site is under attack. Half my crew is dead and the rest of us have taken shelter underground. I can hear explosions on the surface. Hopefully we’ll be safe down here.
The monument must have sent a message, acting like a beacon and bringing them down on top of us. Whatever they are, they seem damned angry. We should have demolished that thing when we had the chance.

Chief Blair – Distress Call [ALL FREQUENCIES]
Mayday, mayday! If anyone can hear this, I’m in area 17-F. Temperature is close to freezing. People have started going missing. I was in communication with an excavation crew in 16-P but they went dark a little while ago. I sent one of the foremen to check it out but he hasn’t come back.

Looks quiet on the surface now, but that doesn’t put me at ease. They could be down here with us, picking off the survivors one by one.

If anyone receives this message, inform system authorities Immediately. And make sure they send support ships – whoever is out there means business!

Chief Blair – Site Log 87243

Jenkins couldn’t take it anymore down here in the freezing dark, so he went up to the surface. I was on comms with him when he reached the top. He saw something that scared him half to death, then the comm link went dead.

Something’s waiting for us up there. Or worse still, it’s down here looking for us. Either way, I’m not going down without a fight. I’ve rigged explosives around the monument with trip switches at two-metre intervals. I’m looking at that thing right now. It’s pulsating, like it’s talking in some alien language. Telling them to come and get us. Well, I’m going to shut it up for good. Two hundred pounds of premium-grade explosives should do the trick.


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