Slough Unauthorised Installation

Slough Unauthorised Installation

An Unauthorised Installation may be found in the Vesper-M4 system, in orbit of Slough (body 7).

The start of the trail leading to this installation can be found in the Altair Herald:
(Note: this Herald is no longer available – Mar 3310)

26 Sep 3303

Galactic News: Miners Missing

The Hull mining corporation is conducting a search-and-rescue operation in the Altair system following a pirate attack. Many mining vessels and their pilots were lost in the attack, and some remain missing.

One ship – the Jack Attack, piloted by Bigboo – attempted to fight off the pirates, and some reports described the vessel giving chase. There has been no sign of the ship since the attack, four days ago, and Bigboo’s family have begun to fear the worst.

Security forces have released Bigboo’s last transponder signal, which was detected in the LP 926-40 system, to aid in the search.

This leads to a Listening Post in LP 926-40 system, in orbit of body A 1, which gives the location of the installation:

***Unregistered transmission detected***

Matching Signals Detected

This is Bigboo of the Jack Attack

I’ve found their base in the Vesper-M4 system.

Those vultures have been preying on us for far too long. They’re hold up in an old comms station orbiting Slough

If the security forces won’t do anything about them then I will. I’m going to end this one way or another.

…Signal Corrupted…

A Type-9 Heavy named the Jack Attack, piloted by an Elite NPC named Big Boo, can be found in the structure, and appears to be accompanied by other smaller ships.

Not of any known scientific interest. No ship log uplinks have been located at this facility.

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