Squirrel’s Nest Bar

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Squirrel’s Nest Bar

Squirrel’s Nest Bar is an installation within the rings of Pleione 4.

Welcome to the Squirrel’s Nest bar. You don’t have to be nuts to work here but it helps.

Some sixteen (by this commander’s count, the drinks here are good, there may be more) Ship Log Uplink points can be located along, and inside, the structure. Deploy your ship’s hardpoints and use the onboard Data Link Scanner within 200m of each post to scan them and retrieve the logs.

It seems that it’s quite the raucous place:

That’s the wall of fame that is. Once you’ve completed the Squirrel Hot Nuts challenge you get your picture on the wall. Only a few commanders have ever made it. Max Ursa, Delmonte, Nlishblend, Lady Outspan, Coutts…these guys are either exceedingly brave or more likely very very foolish.

Oh hi, Eid LeWeise. Is Kerrash not with you’? That’s unusual.

Not seen him in ages. Not since that night you and he…

…went to see those Geysers.

I’m sure he’s fine. After all it’s just a bit of fun, it’s not like you’re going to get yourselves in proper trouble is it.

Oh dear. You seem to have gone very pale, are you okay my love?

Let’s all raise a glass to the late Vingtetum who had his 21st encounter with aliens today.

He died as he lived. Half cut and fully automatic.

We’ll show those pesky aliens that we’re not afraid of them.

We’re the Hutton Truckers and we’re gonna roll on.

Will Commander Coutts please report to the bar as your infraction limit has now been reached and you are due for re-education.

“Welcome to Squirrel’s Nest, can I take your order please?”

Erik is that you?

I told you to stop following me to work. My boss can’t find out about what happened in Diso.

Hey guys, did you hear about that crack pot the other week? She’s some kind of explorer, oh man what’s her name… Commander Shanaeri Yeah that’s it.

She was in here making all sorts of outlandish claims. “I’ve seen the aliens”, “I know why they’ re here”, “they’ re little people living in our minds”.

So after a few drinks I said to her… I said… “Hey Shan!” or whatever, “what do you know7” She looks at me square in the face and says “Oh I know things my friend. I found an alien structure deep in the abyss. It was made of some kind of metal and… flesh. You watch out. The aliens are coming to get us.”

Well I was out that way on my last haul, so I flew out to the coordinates she mentioned. You know what I found? Nothing. These explorers are so full of…

So that’s one Oocheng chilli dog, three Feline Burgers, two Ceti Rabbit kebabs, four Trumble burgers, one with extra cheese, one with no Onionhead, one with extra pickle, one with euerything. Four shakes, mint chocolate chip, Hip Proto Squid, two Ku Froth… sorry yeah, one Neritus Berry, one Ku Froth. One Mystery meat special, got it… please pull up to window number two, Commander Flossy.

How was I to know that mixing Heike Tea, Oocheng Ghillis, Indi Bourbon and Motrona Experience Jelly would cause an explosion?

You can’t blame me for everything.

It’s not my fault.

To the incoming commander, you may have noticed that you can’t dock here. Not even in that. It’s deliberate. Please come to a complete stop and service limpets will be dispatched to you. Please place your order with staff at the order window. We’re out of steaks, the curry’s off and the chips are cold. We do have plenty of soup left.

Honestly, Jade, I told him that it wasn’t on the menu but he insisted he knew the recipe. I didn’t know it was going to do that to him. i guess that’s why they call it Pig’s Face.

Hi, Millstonebarn. Not seen you in here recently. Been on a big adventure have we?

You won’t believe it, love, I’ve been cataloguing beige rocks all over the galaxy. it’s actually really interesting; there are so many different shades and hues. i’ ve got a lovely spreadsheet all about it. Do you want to come on board the Cutty Sark to see It?

Own up! Who left the cellar loading doors open? I bet it was TJ. Half the shipment has just floated off into space!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a station services announcement. For your safety, cubicle 3 is now out of bounds and we would encourage all commanders to make use of on-ship facilities before they disembark. Station security are looking for a Commander Entarius Fusion and his shipmates for information as to how the blockage occurred.

Will the pilot of the Perfectly Innocent please contact staff. Your cargo does not appear to match your registered manifest. We have contacted local customs services and would appreciate if you could just stay where you are for the time being. Thank you for your cooperation.

I don’t care, Triss, I’m not cleaning that up. If you can’t handle your Gin Cooper then you shouldn’t have gotten back in the ship.

It’s all over the dashboard, the seats, it’s even in the… oh god what did you do in the cargo hold?

Clean this up right now!

Two Satellites giving Engineer Data are adjacent to the facility, along with several canisters containing rare commodities. A number of ships are found in the area.


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