Survey Vessel Stargazer

Survey Vessel Stargazer

Survey Vessel Stargazer is a crashed Diamondback Explorer in the HIP 16378 system on 3 b, at 37.1042, -148.0340 (in Live/4.0) or at 37.0649, -147.8056 (in Legacy/3.8).

The location of this site can be found by reading the Station Herald at Maia, or by following the two listening posts located in:
Bhadaba / HIP 16378


The report of the missing person was found in the Maia Herald, leading to the HIP 16378 system:

The Maia Herald
26 Jun 3303

Missing Person Report
Security forces in Maia and the surrounding systems are seeking the location of a Luca Rekivek after his wife Joci Rekivek report him missing.

Rekivek is an explorer and prospector who has been working in the Pleiades region for several months.

According to his wife, he had made a significant discovery at an unknown location and was on his way to Obsidian Orbital to register his claim. She was to meet him here and alerted security forces when he did not arrive.

The last reported response from the transponder aboard Rekivek’s ship the Stargazer was in the HIP 16378 system, but so far no sign of the ship has been found.

Listening Posts

Bhadaba A 6

…Unregistered Transmission DGE-163-A Detected…

Signal Match Detected in HIP 16378 system.

…Joci, I found something out here.

It’s huge. I’ve no idea what it is, but I’ve taken survey samples and I’m heading to Maia to register our claim.

Honestly honey I think we’ve hit the big one on this.

I’ll call you again when I’m station side.

…Security Breach Detected. Signal Lost…

HIP 16378 A

…Unregistered Transmission DGE-163-B Detected…

Signal Match Detected in Bhadaba system.

Joci, I’m going to be delayed, I’m currently in the HIP 16378 system and I’ve recieved a distress call in orbit around 3b, out of fuel by the sounds of it.

I’ve got some refeuling limpets on board so I’m going to check it out. Afterall I’ve had my share of near misses and we always say that if it was one of us out there, we’d hope someone would come to help us.

Comms are a bit sketchy at the moment, getting wierd glitches, so I’m not sure if you’ ll get this before reaching Maia. I won’t be long hun.

Luca out.

…Signal Blocked at Source…


Behind the crash site there are two Data Points which may be scanned for Engineer Data and logs. In addition to the text, each log is accompanied by an audio recording:

…Joci…under attack…not responding to hails…distress call was a trap…damn it…I can’ t…fell for it…guys are some military out…someone doesn’t want the…found…message…it’s in HIP 17694…

…know if I’m getting through…comms are being jammed…claim is on Planet B 7 f…trying to lose them…get closer to the planet surface, I might be able…

The logs give the location of a Thargoid Structure in the HIP 17694 system on body B 7 f, at Lat, Long (in Live/4.0) or at Lat, Long (in Legacy/3.8).

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