The Church Of The Path

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The Church Of The Path

The Church Of The Path is an abandoned settlement on Shibboleth 2 e (use your Detailed Surface Scanner to find it). It has four scannable data links giving text messages – though these seem to imply that there should be a fifth message. They relate a story about Isla Elmasri which appears to have been continued via a crashed Sidewinder in Alpha Centauri (which was found before this site).

There are no materials or data at the site, and no audio for the logs.



We’ve been lied to all this time. No one truly ascends. We toil under false truths and when the time comes these chosen ones. the ones that have given everything. are simply fodder for the slavers. Sold like so much cheap meat. One last contribution to the path. Isn’t it curious that none of the senior brothers have ever ascended. Those that preach and deliver false truths. They remain.

I need to escape; I need to tell people what is happening here. But i fear that some of the senior brothers and
Sisters are suspicious of me. They watch me all the time, Brother Aiden especially. He says we are not worthy to walk the path that our faith is impure. He is always watching.

I fear I will never escape.


Personal Log: Brother Aiden

Some of the acolytes are in need of re—education, I have reasons to doubt their faith and we must set them upon the path. They are not true believers in the path. They bleat like sheep and follow. But they cannot see. Once they have given their all we shall be rid of them.

Elmasri in particular has become the thorn that digs into our flesh. She must be brought back to the path or silenced. Maybe we can accelerate her path to ascension.
Yes, yes. Sister Elmasri will ascend.


Recorded Message:

We the walkers on the path are chosen, we are the truth, we are the righteous, we are the children of the cosmos and we are the ones who shall ascend.

Ascension is the destination and the journey. It is the path that we all walk my brothers and sisters. We must give up our possessions. our riches. our senses over to it. Only then can we truly ascend.


Recorded Message:

Many may attempt to divert us from the path, or reject the truth like Sister Isla. But they shall not steer us back to the
impure. Our route has been plotted and cannot be altered. The non believer may be shown the path and encouraged to walk it. But only we the righteous may truly walk it.

For us ascension is close at hand. Rejoice. For others the path continues until they have fully given themselves over to it’s teachings.

Now drink my brothers and sisters. Rejoice in your transcendence from this plain of existence to the next. We are the children of the cosmos, the walkers of the path we are the ones who shall ascend.

(note the two part 4’s and no parts 1 or 5).

Found by CMDR Fikus July 3306


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