The Sanctum / The Prophet

The Sanctum / The Prophet

The Sanctum and The Prophet are a pair of planetary settlements can be found in the Etain system, on body 4 a and body 4 c.

They have permanent navigation markers (earlier settlements needed to be scanned before you could see them in the Navigation panel of your ship).

The settlements appear to have been run by the Far God cult, however, they both appear to have been attacked by Thargoids, and Thargoids can at times seen scanning the area. The settlements were found via the Eagle Eye messages in week 26, this was the first time that new settlements were found by Eagle Eye.

The settlements form a pair, as there are nine messages available from them, numbered 1 through 9. The Sanctum has messages 1-4, and The Prophet has messages 5-9.

Low level materials can be found around The Prophet, but not The Sanctum.

The messages have audio, and are in the form of ‘last messages’ from members of the Far God cult.


Personal Log
Thaddeus MacRaith
First Herald of the Second Chapter

I greet you in the name of the Far God. Know that our galaxy lies in the shadow of this omniscient and most holy being. What the ignorant refer to as Thargoids are in truth the heralds of the Far God, preparing us for its manifestation. On that day, humanity will be destroyed, but we who have heeded the truth will ascend, and be transformed.

In this sacred void-temple we willingly entomb ourselves, to preserve our souls until the Far God comes. I have instructed my fellow adherents to record their last words as they prepare for the crypts, in the hope that other be inspired to join us.

I wasted many years on false religions and hollow human faiths. Now I worship something real – something powerful. The Far God calls to me in my dreams. It is coming.

Personal Log
Vanya Hargrave
Third Herald of the First Chapter

I’m ready. I’ve been ready for a long time, actually, but the fasting and the trials have left me feeling lighter…purer.

I was glad to come here. Most of my chapter is gone. They burned our hive-chapel to the ground. Everyone I knew died.

I’m not afraid of death because I know it isn’t the end. When the Far God comes, we will experience a glorious rebirth that will elevate us to a higher plane. But for so many of my friends to have suffered at the hands of the ignorant and fearful…it sickens me. So much pain.

I’ve had enough of pain. I’m ready for my reward. I’m ready for the peace the Far God will bring.

Personal Log
Reuben Delgado
Adherent of the Seventh Chapter

I don’t know where I am. i thought we were going to the hive-chapel but instead we came here. Is it time? Is the Far God coming?

They gave me something for the pain. Injections. Man, I’ve had a lifetime of injections. At first it was fun. Then it was necessary.

I don’t know What’s going to happen. But you know what? It doesn’t matter. Even if there’s nothing afterwards. Nothing means no more injections. It couldn’t be worse than what I’ve been through. Anything’s better than being me.

Personal Log
Dr Hester Dolmayne
First Witness of the Sixth Chapter

Things have progressed. Now we’re at the stage when we can enter suspended animation. It’s a shame in a way, as I wanted to be conscious to witness the Far God’s arrival. But our Herald assured me that the automatic systems will wake us up as soon as It manifests.

I’m curious to know what will happen. Will we keep our human bodies, or will we be given new forms so we can function in the Far God’s dimension? I’ve sometimes wondered if the flower-ships might once have been human – maybe people from escape pods taken by the Thargoids. If so, it’s a remarkable transformation. No need for crude starships any more – we’ll be able to soar through space ourselves.

No matter What happens, it’s thrilling to know that we’ll be the ones to experience the next stage of evolution. We are the future of the human race.

Personal Log
Kiona O’Connor
Adherent of the Fifth Chapter

I’m scared. Really scared. I don’t know what I’m doing here. I think I might have made a mistake.

On the streets, things were bad. But then the monks found me, and helped me. I didn’t ask any questions. I guess I wanted to be saved. And they did save me, in a way, but…

I’ve been thinking about my dad. I know he was worried about me, living rough, but I pushed him away. And now the monks are saying we need to go to sleep. I don’t understand what’s happening. but they all seem so happy, so I guess it can’t be bad.

I hope my dad hears this and comes to get me. I want to go home.

Personal Log
Nash Severin
Second Disciple of the Fifth Chapter

This will be awesome. I’m going to see the Thargoids destroy everyone – literally everyone! Ever since I was a kid I’ve been fascinated by the Thargoids. I used to dream about them coming back. Then, one day, they were on GalNet – blowing up starports, gunning down ships…nothing could stop them! They must have heard me praying that they’d come back.

I don’t care about the Far God. I just wanted to get close to the Thargoids, and these cultists seemed like the best bet. This is going to be the biggest massacre in history – an actual galactic apocalypse – and I’ll have a front-row seat!

Personal Log
Corinne de la Torre
Adherent of the Fourth Chapter

This is for my husband, my sister, and my colleagues. I hope this message reaches you. There’s something I want you to know. You’re going to die…and I can’t wait.

My cruel, smug husband. My selfish sister. My hypocritical co-workers. The people who hurt me, belittled me, ruined my life. You’re monsters, all of you.

But don’t worry about me – as if you ever did. I’ll be looking down on you from witch-space, laughing as you burn. Especially you, Arlo. You won’t be so smug when the Far God is eating your soul!

Personal Log
Noah Whiteleaf
Second Witness of the First Chapter

There’s one thing I want to make clear – we deserve this! The whole human race. We brought this on ourselves. We deserve to be destroyed.

We talk about our achievements, now we’ve colonised to the stars…but the only thing we do is spread ruin. So many worlds tainted with pollution or terraformed for our selfish needs. The galaxy is a living organism, and we’re spreading through it like a cancer, destroying everything we touch.

The only god worthy of devotion is one that will neutralise the human infection. I don’t care if the Far God is literally real, as long as humanity is extinguished. It’s time to balance the scales and let nature continue without us.

Personal Log
Nathan Summers
Adherent of the Sixteenth Chapter

Emergency Broadcast from Agent Nathan Summers

My name is Nathan Summers and I’m an agent with the Federal Intelligence Agency, ident 4989 Kappa Theta.

I’ve been on a deep-cover assignment for three weeks, pretending to be part of this cult. I was looking for evidence that they were communicating with the Thargoids, or acting as their spies. At this point I’m pretty sure they’re not, but I am sure of one thing – they’re insane! They really do believe some kind of alien god is going to come out of hyperspace and…I don’t know, save them or something.

I’ve kept my cover, despite being hauled off to this remote outpost, but I’ve lost contact with the FIA and these guys are about to put everyone in suspended animation.

If anyone receives this message, this is Agent summers requesting immediate extraction. Get me the hell out of here!

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