Void Hearts and Octahedral Pods

Void Hearts and Octahedral Pods

Void Hearts and their serveral variants of associated Octaheral Pods to be found around the galaxy – notably in the Empyrean Straits sector. They appear inside Notable Stellar Phenomena. Look for the largest concentration of signals inside the phenomena and you should find them. The in-game codex shows what attributes are required for them to appear, though they also seem to be restricted to a small area of space.

Void Hearts are large – asteroid sized – and appear to have two states – one more active than then other. They can have Octahedral Pods embedded within them.

Space lifeforms often have discoverable traits – scan them with the Composition Scanner when they are doing something to reveal the traits. For Octahedral Pods these are the traits:

  • Releases spores when approached. Note that these can be associated with a corrosive cloud that will do damage

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