Canonn (Varati) BGS Mission

Canonn (Varati) BGS Mission

From the desk of Cmdr Goemon:

+++ Preparing KHUN for Expansion +++ Consolidation +++

+ run MISSIONS for any other faction than "Purple Public Incorporated" or "HIP 110094 Governance"

+ redeem BOUNTIES for any other faction

+ Trade with profit at any station in Khun

+ Patient Bounthunters: Shoot any WANTED ship only from "Purple Public Incorporated" or "HIP 110094 Governance" at the Nav Beacon or RES around Khun 13

+ Sharp-Eyed Criminals: Shoot any ship only from "Purple Public Incorporated" or "HIP 110094 Governance" at HAZ RES around Khun 13

+++ CONSOLIDATION: HIP 2293, KS-T II (Col 285 Sector KS-T d3-82), POPON +++
+ We want to match the Controlling Faction in above Systems or trigger a System Control Conflict potentially by getting CANONN >65%

+ run MISSIONS for the CANONN in any of the systems above. We are in BOOM, so opportunities are plenty!

+ check the PASSENGER boards for high influence missions!

+ redeem CANONN bounties. go BOUNTYHUNTING at JARILDEKALDS comp nav beacon or in ARINEs RES and redeem in any system above. or fit a KWS and go BOUNTYHUNTING in aboves systems!


+ Our outpost ELVSTROM PLATFORM is the go-to place for EXPLORATION-DATA and TRADE!

+++ Good luck, CMDRs! +++

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